Office of the President

Dr. Don Meyer, the President of Valley Forge Christian College

A Special Message from our President, Dr. Don Meyer

"I have never met a person who aspired to be mediocre. There are very few who dream of being average. Within the human heart is an insatiable quest to excel. In light of time and eternity, our lives absolutely, positively, non-negotiably must matter. And that’s why a great college education matters and why a University of Valley Forge (formerly Valley Forge Christian College) education matters even more.

Here at UVF you will be challenged to grow as Jesus grew in all dimensions of life: “Jesus increased in wisdom (intellectually), stature (physically), favor with God (spiritually), and favor with man (socially).” Luke 2:52.

Whether you are in the classroom, Chapel, gymnasium or residence hall, what God is doing here will challenge and change your whole life. College did that for me and we are committed to see that happen for every one of our precious students."

We hope that you find your time on this site useful, insightful and that you are inspired to learn more about our academic, spiritual and social offerings. We invite you to visit our campus, request information, or apply online. Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help you as you explore the opportunity to join us and prepare for a life of Christian service and leadership.

Dr. Don Meyer

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