Meet the President

Dr. Don Meyer became the 10th president of the University of Valley Forge in 1997 and has presided over the most rapid growth in the history of the institution.

Dr. Meyer's education includes a bachelor's degree in theological studies (1968) from Central Bible College in Springfield, Mo., a master's in theological studies (1976) from Wheaton College's graduate school in Wheaton, Ill., a Ph.D. in ancient studies (1987) from the University of Minnesota and additional postgraduate studies at Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, the Harvard University Institute for Educational Management and the Harvard University Institute for New Presidents.

For more than two decades, Dr. Meyer served at North Central University -- formerly North Central Bible College -- where he taught full time for three years in the biblical studies department. For 18 years, he served as NCU's vice president for academic affairs. He also spent a semester as the interim academic dean at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium.

An ordained Assemblies of God minister and the former pastor of Franklin Assembly of God in Franklin, Pa., where he served for seven years. Dr. Meyer has spoken at camps, retreats, seminars, and churches in the United States and internationally, with ministry in Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and India. He has contributed a variety of articles to Christian publications and journals. For over 10 years, he has written a weekly column Think About It in the Phoenixville newspaper, The Phoenix.

Dr. Meyer is an avid gardener, photographer, devoted husband, the father of two adult sons and the very proud grandfather of Noah, who was born in February 2002. He continues to be committed to the mission of UVF to "prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world."

Think About It Articles by Dr. Don Meyer

Dr. Don Meyer publishes weekly articles about various topics of interest. These articles were originally published in The Phoenix.

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