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University of Valley Forge - Frequently Asked Questions


The following is a list of questions most frequently encountered by institutions undergoing a name change.

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How did VFCC arrive at the decision to change its name?

In 2003, a conversation emerged regarding the future development of the college. This discussion culminated in the spring 2005 meeting of the Board of Trustees when it agreed to pursue the following strategies:

  1. Broaden the curriculum with new majors at the undergraduate level
  2. Offer graduate level programs
  3. Develop non-traditional programs such as degree completion, web-based courses, continuing education, studies abroad programs, extension sites, etc.
  4. Consider “university” status with the Pennsylvania Department of Education

These strategies were incorporated into the college’s strategic plan. As progress unfolded in the first three areas, it became apparent that it was time to become a university. Becoming the University of Valley Forge more aptly describes the master’s-level, comprehensive benchmark that our institution has reached over the past decade. Valley Forge now offers over 50 undergraduate majors and 8 graduate programs. 

Valley Forge’s administration and key leadership among various stakeholder groups had discussed a possible name change for some time and brought forward the idea at the spring 2013 meeting of the Board of Trustees. The board voted unanimously to approve the recommendation, believing it is highly beneficial to the school and to current and future enrollment. The official name of the institution is the University of Valley Forge of the Assemblies of God.

Once the name change was approved by the board, through input from key leadership throughout the campus, the college began developing detailed plans for implementing the change and notifying appropriate parties.

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When did Valley Forge Christian College’s name change to the University of Valley Forge?

We began doing business as the University of Valley Forge on September 16, 2014. After the Board of Trustees vote in April 2013, we began working to change the name with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The process culminated in our submission of an application in June 2014 which required a 60 day review by the Pennsylvania Department of Education followed by an additional 30 day waiting period. This period was completed on September 16, 2014. 

Notifications to accrediting and government agencies, colleges and universities, local community leaders, vendors, and many others have been sent, and our new logo, seal and athletic mascot are being now used in publications and promotional items this fall. 

How will changing the name benefit Valley Forge students and graduates?

The name change more aptly reflects the range of academic programs available to Valley Forge graduates and to current students. Also, many business people are not familiar with collegiate rankings and may be more receptive to job candidates – our alumni – whose resumes state “University of Valley Forge.” Entrance into graduate programs should also be facilitated. In addition, recognizing that we exist in a global economy, being a university clarifies Valley Forge’s higher education status among international students. The word “college” often refers to pre-university programs and not higher education in some international environments. Finally, students working overseas may find that the name eases their ability to work and minister in some countries.

How will changing the name benefit the university?

Changing the name more accurately represents our institution to individuals seeking learning opportunities or teaching positions – no matter where they reside. In many foreign cultures, the word college commonly refers to pre-university academic programs, so clarifying our status strengthens our ability to attract a broader, more diverse pool of candidates for recruiting both new faculty and students. 

Being a “university” also better aligns us with higher education ranking systems that are becoming increasingly important as search tools. It also enhances our fundraising possibilities, foundation opportunities and grant awards that would further grow our campus and academic programs. 

Will the name change in any way alter Valley Forge’s status as a nonprofit, private institution of higher learning?

Valley Forge remains an Assemblies of God institution of higher learning with the same mission, vision and values. Valley Forge has a clear mission: to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world. This mission will not change. 

Will the name change affect the “small-college feel” at Valley Forge?

Changing our name to university will have no effect on our low student-to-teacher ratio and community atmosphere at the main campus and extension sites. Many students attend through our online programs. The name change will better represent the inclusion of these students in the student body. 

Does changing the name diminish the value of diplomas and educational attainments of previous alumni?

Not at all. The University already has an established reputation built on 75 years of academic excellence. The name change more effectively reflects Valley Forge’s broadened curriculum and wider footprint – and better positions our institution for future growth. 

Which graduating class will be the first to receive University of Valley Forge diplomas?

Students graduating in December 2014 will be the first to receive University diplomas. 

Will the name change affect the amount of my school tuition?

No. Tuition costs will not be determined or affected by the name change. As part of its annual budget process, the University reviews a number of variables to determine if a tuition increase will occur.

Will the designation change or alter my student loans in any way?

No. Student loans are unaffected.

If I graduated prior to September 16, 2014, is there a way to obtain an updated diploma denoting “University of Valley Forge” instead of “Valley Forge Christian College”?

Yes. VFCC graduates wishing to obtain an updated diploma can receive one by mail by submitting a formal request through our registrar’s office. There is a form which you can download by clicking here. Please note that there is a fee of $40 for a diploma.

The standard diploma size is 8’’ x 10’’ and it will be signed by the current president. To request a new diploma, contact the Office of the Registrar with your request by filling out this form.

Phone or email orders will not be accepted. Please use the downloadable form and fax/mail back to the institution.

How should students graduating prior to September 16, 2014, refer to Valley Forge on their resumes?

If you’re a VFCC graduate, you are automatically a graduate of the University of Valley Forge. On your resume, simply indicate that you graduated from the University of Valley Forge, followed by a parenthetical note, such as: Education: B.A., Business Administration, University of Valley Forge (formerly Valley Forge Christian College), 2004

If I graduated prior to the name change, how should I respond when people inquire about my graduating school?

Answering simply that you are a graduate of the University of Valley Forge is accurate. Or you could reply, “I’m a graduate of the University of Valley Forge, which was previously known as Valley Forge Christian College.” Graduates of our predecessor institutions, such as Eastern Bible Institute, Northeast Bible College, etc., may also mention these names if they desire.

What institution name will appear on my transcripts when they are requested?

All transcripts requested after September 16, 2014, will indicate that you are a graduate of the University of Valley Forge.

Will the institutional logo change?

The logo has been modified to reflect the name change.

Will the new name affect the institution's colors, mascot or athletic logo?

Valley Forge athletes will continue to compete as Patriots and the school's colors will remain the same; however, the athletic logo has been changed.

When can I purchase a new University t-shirt?

The University has ordered merchandise and apparel that will be available at the kiosk. At this time, items cannot be purchased online.

What athletic conference does University of Valley Forge University belong to now?

University of Valley Forge continues its provisional membership in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and its membership in the National Christian College Athletics Association (NCCAA). For more about Patriot Athletics,

Will Valley Forge's website URL or email change?

Yes. A new URL and email addresses will be rolled out in the coming months. Persons using the current URL will be redirected to the new URL once it is in place.

Will Valley Forge’s social media sites change?

The social media accounts and pages under the control of the institution have been altered to reflect the name change. If a name change requires moving to a new account, all of our friends with social connections to a Valley Forge account were invited to access the new account.

What will happen to the institutional seal?

The seal has been updated.

What other changes will be made around campus?

Signs, letterhead, business cards, website, clothing, etc. will reflect the new name.

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