Pastoral Ministry - Church Planting

Bachelor of Arts126 Credits

The program in Pastoral Ministry is designed to prepare the student with foundational knowledge in administration, Bible, Christian education, church music and worship, church polity, missions, preaching, theology and other essentials designed to develop skill in ministry and related areas.

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  1. The student will be able to communicate the biblical text in oral and written forms in an audience-appropriate manner.
  2. The student will be able to locate, evaluate, and utilize biblical, theological, and related information in ministry-related endeavors.
  3. The student will be able to establish and maintain professional demeanor and relationships within the church and community.
  4. The student will be able to articulate and model essential spiritual disciplines for personal growth.
  5. The student will be able to serve on a church planting team in the establishment, development, and administration of a new church.
Course Code
Course Name
3 cr
2 cr
Fine Arts Course
3 cr
U.S. or World History
3 cr
Literature Course
3 cr
Choose One
3 cr
Math Course
3 cr
Activity Course
1 cr
Science Course
3 cr
64 credits

For students seeking to pursue graduate education, most graduate programs require a minimum GPA of 3.0 for entrance.

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Core Requirements

BIB 200 Biblical Theology 3 credits

A study of the major biblical and theological themes of both testaments. Emphasis on discovering the flow of ideas that bind the different books of the Bible into a unified whole.
Prerequisite: OLT 123, NWT 113.

BIB 213 Hermeneutics 3 credits

An advanced study of the history, theory, and practice of biblical interpretation. This course emphasizes knowledge, understanding, and skills for pastoral and scholarly study of the Scripture including a review of current approaches and developments.
Prerequisite: OLT 123, NWT 113

COM 123 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 credits

A basic course in public speaking designed to provide both theory and practice in principles of effective speech composition and communication.

ENG 123 College Writing and Research 3 credits

This course stresses the writing process and introduces the skills necessary to conduct college-level research. Emphasis is placed on argumentative and analytical writing supported by research.
A passing grade of C- or higher is required.

HIS 213 Ancient and Medieval World History 3 credits

A survey of world civilization from the beginning of civilization to the Renaissance. Special attention is given to major events, individuals, and the cultural contributions of each civilization.

HIS 223 Modern and Contemporary World History  3 credits

A survey of world civilization from the Enlightenment to the present. Special attention is given to major events, individuasl, and the cultural contributions of each civilization.

HIS 233 U.S. History – Colonization to Reconstruction 3 credits

A survey of the major events and individuals in United States history from Colonization to Reconstruction. Critically examines various topics of interpretive interest in American history such as the coming of the Europeans, Puritanism, religious freedom, the Revolution, slavery, immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

HIS 243 U.S. History – Reconstruction to the Present 3 credits

A survey of the major events and individuals in United States history from just after Reconstruction to the present. Critically examines various topics of interpretive interest in American history such as immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the rise of Big Business, Imperialism, the New Deal, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement, etc.

HIS 373 Ancient and Medieval Christian History 3 credits

A survey of Christianity from the post-apostolic Church through 1500 A.D. Emphasis is placed on major events, individuals, and developments in historical theology. Special topics include persecution, heresies, monasticism, and the development of the institutions of the Church.

HIS 383 Modern and Contemporary Christian History 3 credits

A survey of Christianity from 1500 AD to the present. Emphasis is placed on major events, individuals, and developments in historical theology. Special topics include the Protestant and Catholic Reformations, evangelization of the Western Hemisphere, Puritanism, the development of denominations, revivalism, fundamentalism, the rise of theological liberalism, Vatican II, and the 20th Century Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

LNG 240 Introduction to Biblical Languages 3 credits

An introduction to biblical languages including an overview of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. Emphasis is given to the function and use of the languages for biblical studies.

LNG 243-53 Beginning Greek I – II 3 credits each

An introduction to the basic elements of New Testament Greek, with emphasis upon grammatical forms, syntax, and vocabulary. Greek II is a continuation of Greek I and includes readings in the Greek New Testament.

LNG 263-73 Beginning Hebrews I – II 3 credits each

An introduction to the basic elements of Old Testament Hebrew, with emphasis upon basic vocabulary, syntax, and grammar. Hebrew II is a continuation of Hebrew I.

NWT 113 New Testament Survey 3 credits

A panoramic view of the chief events, prominent characters, main themes and salient teachings of each New Testament book in relation to its historical, geographical and cultural contexts.

NWT 223 Gospels: The Life of Jesus 3 credits

A comprehensive study of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) including the background and authorship of each book and its particular content and orientation. The life and ministry of Christ is studied. Key parables are studied and interpreted.
Prerequisite: NWT 113.

NWT 243 Book of Acts 3 credits

A study of the theological and practical teachings of the historical origins of the early Church. Special attention is given to the theology and work of the Holy Spirit in the evangelistic expansion of the Church.
Prerequisite: NWT 113.

OLT 123 Old Testament Survey 3 credits

A study of the historical settings, literary features, authorship, theological teachings, and general content of the books of the Hebrew Bible. This survey provides a factual and practical groundwork for further studies in the Old Testament.

PHE 281 Health and Nutrition 1 credit

This course is an overview of personal health and stress management strategies for identifying and preventing health problems. Successful exercise, wellness, and nutrition programs are introduced. Maybe taken one time only.
This course is required of all students.

PHL 113 Worldviews 3 credits

This course will examine and apply principles involved in the development of a worldview. The course will emphasize the development and application of a Christian worldview. Special emphasis will be given to critical, creative, and Christian thinking skills.

PSY 223 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits

An introduction to the basic concepts of human behavior, motivation, emotion and personality, and a survey of the contemporary psychological field.

SOC 103 Life Formation 3 credits

A practical study of the classic spiritual disciplines that are essential to lifelong spiritual formation from a Pentecostal perspective. The course will emphasize intentional and holistic applications in daily living.

THE 233An Introduction to the History & Theology of the A/G 3 credits

An introduction to the history, structure, and belief of the AG in the context of Christian theology and history.

Major Requirements

CRE 342 Small Group Ministries 3 credits

Presents methods for establishing small group ministries within the local church. This course covers the dynamics of small group interaction; developing fellowship, support and outreach groups; and skills in organization and leadership.

OLT 213 Pentateuch 3 credits

A study of the first five books of the Old Testament. Special attention is given to sacred history, the Mosaic laws, ethical and moral values, and the creation of a people of God.
Prerequisite: OLT 123.

PHL 323 Apologetics 3 credits

An examination of the intellectual responses of Christianity to the challenges that have been posed by some in history, philosophy, science, and related areas. An overview of meta-issues (the nature of Christianity, nature of knowledge or epistemology, etc.), discussions of specific issues (the existence of God, the reliability of Scripture, the problem of evil, etc.), and consideration of practical issues (how best to present arguments, etc.) are included. A brief synopsis of philosophy is presented for perspective as a course introduction.

ICS 453 Church Planting & Revitalization Bootcamp 3 credits

The student will participate in an Assemblies of God or other approved church planting “Bootcamp” (typically a one week intensive) in a District of the student’s choice. The experience includes: assessment of giftings, temperaments, practical living, healthy ministry habits, and essential components and steps for planting a new church, etc. Pre- and post-class work will be required.

PST 261 Church Planting Field Assessment 1 credit

A field assessment course in which the student will interface with effective church plant(s)/planter(s) in an amateur stage of development. The student will investigate the process of church planting from inception to the current state of the church and complete a critical analysis of the process.

CRL 243 Developing Strategic Outreaches 3 credits

A practical study of outreach strategies with special attention to awareness of specific people groups, interface with community organizations, prayer, outreach designing, team building, financial issues, follow up, and evaluation. Fieldwork will be an integral part of this course.

PST 443 Disciple Making & Equipping Ministry 3 credits

A biblical foundation for understanding Christian discipleship through both academic study and a community lab experience. Attention is given to both personal development and the discipleship of others.

PRE 213 Foundations of Biblical Preaching3 credits

An introduction to sermon preparation and preaching combining theory and practice. Lectures cover theoretical and practical aspects of sermons and their preparation, structure and delivery.
Prerequisites: COM 123 or 494, BIB 103 when applicable, BIB 213, OLT 123 and NWT 113.

PRE 353 Preaching in Pastoral Ministry 3 credits

This course builds upon Foundations of Biblical Preaching (PRE 213) and equips the student to preach from a variety of biblical genres with contemporary relevance.
Prerequisite: PRE 213.

PST 303 Caregivers at Risk 3 credits

This course is a study of the basic principles essential to maintaining health in the context of church-related ministries. An emphasis is given to developing a Christ-centered lifestyle. Psychological assessments are administered to assist students in identifying personal issues that hinder psychological well-being and impede transformational change. Through small group exercises and non-judgmental community, students are encouraged to develop relationships that facilitate support and accountability.

PST 313 Principles of Leadership 3 credits

A study of the basic principles of leadership philosophy, goals and strategies. Includes an overview of leadership styles, time management, conflict resolution, communication, legal issues, development of mission statements, and professional etiquette and ethics.

PST 392 Church Growth 3 credits

A survey of biblical and sociological principles affecting church growth and decline. The dynamics of both qualitative and quantitative growth will be examined, including methods of assessment and planning for change.

PST 403 Introducing Spiritual Gifts in the Church 3 credits

Analysis of the New Testament focus on spiritual gifts as found in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12-14, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4. One third of the course examines biblical interpretation in light of Pentecostal theology. The remainder of the course deals with application of these principles in the development and operation of spiritual gifts in the church.

ICS 209 Spiritual Encounters 3 credits

This course examines the principles and dynamics of spiritual conflict. Issues include theological reflection, cultural analysis, and pragmatic considerations such as spiritual discipline and the implications for mission strategies. The course includes a biblical examination of the principles of spiritual warfare, intercession, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

PST 423 Pastoral Ministry and Practice 3 credits

An overview of the character, qualifications and call of the pastor. Instruction is given in conducting common church ceremonies: water baptism, communion, infant dedication, installation of officers, weddings, and funerals. Includes principles for conducting church business meetings, parliamentary procedure, visitation and pastoral care.

PST 433 Church Finance and Resource Management 3 credits

The role of the pastor in financial and physical plant oversight in the local church. An overview of office and personnel management, facilities management, fundraising, accounting procedures, budgeting, fiscal accountability, record keeping, and annual reporting. Introduces computer software useful for church administration, legal and tax records, and general church business.

PST 471 Internship Seminar 1 credit

This course is to prepare the student for his/her internship. Emphasis will be placed upon self understanding, conflict resolution, and the practical concerns faced by interns. Time will also be given to formalize the specifics for each internship.
This course is a Prerequisite for PST 481.

PST 482 Church Planting Internship 2 credits

This course will provide the student with extended field experience. The student will gain experience, develop a comfort level with the rigors of church planting, and be mentored by a church planter. Field evaluation and written work will be required for this course.

PST 481 Internship 1 credit

This phase of the student’s education is to provide a supervised experience in direct ministry. All internships must be approved and processed through the Internship office. Internships can range from 6 to 15 weeks. Students are required to complete practical field work in addition to written work, and field supervisors will assess student performance during the internship. Internships must be major-specific.
Prerequisite: PST 471.

PST 483Senior Capstone Experience 1 credit

The culminating preparation for ministerial vocation for seniors in practical ministry majors. In com- munity, students reflect on their experiences, refine skills, prepare portfolios, and work on job placement. (Theological and Biblical Studies Majors take THE 483, Theological Studies Capstone, instead.)

PSY 333 Pastoral Counseling 3 credits

An introduction to the pastoral perspective in counseling. A study of the biblical basis for counseling will be conducted. Emphasis will be given to a survey of techniques for premarital, marriage, family, career guidance, grief, and pre-referral counseling.
Prerequisite: PSY 223.

PSY 414 Marriage and Family Therapy 3 credits

Students will receive specialized training in marriage and family counseling from a systems perspective. Hypothetical cases will be conceptualized, assessed and diagnosed from this orientation. Interventions unique to this approach will be examined.
Prerequisite: PSY 223.

THE 243 Theology I 3 credits

A study of the introduction to theology, the defense of the faith, and the doctrines of the Bible and revelation, God, creation, and angels. Special attention is given to Assemblies of God issues (Technically: Pro-legomena, Apologetics, Bibliology, Theology Proper, Cosmology, and Angelology.)
Prerequisites: OLT 123 and NWT 113.

THE 303 Theology II 3 credits

A study of the doctrines of humanity, sin, Christ, and salvation. Special attention is given to Assemblies of God issues. (Technically: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Christology, and Soteriology.)
Prerequisites: OLT 123, NWT 113.

THE 353 Theology III 3 credits

A study of the doctrines of the Holy Spirit, the Church, and death and the end times. Special attention is given to Assemblies of God issues. (Technically: Pnuematology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology: Personal and General.)
Prerequisites: OLT 123, NWT 113.