Social Media Management

Bachelor of Science126 Credits

The major in Social Media Management is designed for students who seek a program that respects and develops their Christian faith while providing training in social media technologies, business, communication skills, and creative abilities. Students will be challenged to develop into highly versatile professionals who are able to think critically and creatively in light of a biblical worldview and serve in technical communications positions in businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations. This program integrates new digital media and multimedia technologies with fundamental business courses and applies them in the field of social media. The sophistication and complexity of these new media technologies will require graduates to possess a comprehensive understanding of electronic media and Internet-based social initiatives as well as the ability to relate this knowledge in an ever-changing technological culture. Preparation also includes hands-on experience in a range of digital media, multimedia, Web and technological skills.

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  1. Students will produce effective examples of creative and strategic communication in a variety of traditional and new media forms, demonstrating an understanding of communication theory and applications.
  2. Students will research current and trending topics to analyze, evaluate, and interpret texts, media products, performances, and human interaction with, and use of, digital media.
  3. Students will demonstrate leadership skills in production environments by participating in and leading teams of peers.
  4. Students will define and articulate a personal theology of service and leadership that incorporates their faith and Christian worldview with their commitment to digital media.
  5. Students will develop and produce digital media products integrating information through writing, audio, still digital images, video, animation using a variety of computer applications.
  6. Students will produce and publish digital media through various formats using appropriate Internet and telecommunications technology.
Course Code
Course Name
9 cr
4 cr
HIS 213, 223, 233, or 243
History Course
3 cr
History, Culture, Society Courses
6 cr
Literature Course
3 cr
Physical Education Activity
1 cr
Science Course
3 cr
63 credits
*Students that complete BUS 200 and pass the Business Dept. Math proficiency test may substitute MTH 213.

For students seeking to pursue graduate education, most graduate programs require a minimum GPA of 3.0 for entrance.

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Core Requirements

BIB 103 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation 3 credits

A practical introduction to the study of the Bible. The course provides an overview of fundamental issues of interpretation, inspiration, manuscripts, and translation. Emphasis is on basic approaches to Bible study and appropriate use of biblical reference tools.
Only required for non-ministry majors.

BIB 200 Biblical Theology 3 credits

A study of the major biblical and theological themes of both testaments. Emphasis on discovering the flow of ideas that bind the different books of the Bible into a unified whole.
Prerequisite: OLT 123, NWT 113.

COM 123 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 credits

A basic course in public speaking designed to provide both theory and practice in principles of effective speech composition and communication.

ENG 123 College Writing and Research 3 credits

This course stresses the writing process and intro-dukes the skills necessary to conduct college-level research. Emphasis is placed on argumentative and analytical writing supported by research.
A passing grade of C- or higher is required.

HIS 213 Ancient and Medieval World History 3 credits

A survey of world civilization from the beginning of civilization to the Renaissance. Special attention is given to major events, individual, and the cultural contributions of each civilization.

HIS 223 Modern and Contemporary World History  3 credits

A survey of world civilization from the Enlightenment to the present. Special attention is given to major events, individual, and the cultural contributions of each civilization.

HIS 233 U.S. History – Colonization to Reconstruction 3 credits

A survey of the major events and individuals in United States history from Colonization to Reconstruction. Critically examines various topics of interpretive interest in American history such as the coming of the coming of the Europeans, Puritanism, religious freedom, the Revolution, slavery, immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

HIS 243 U.S. History – Reconstruction to the Present 3 credits

A survey of the major events and individuals in United States history from just after Reconstruction to the present. Critically examines various topics of interpretive interest in American history such as immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the rise of Big Business, Imperialism, the New Deal, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement, etc.

MTH 123Quantitative Reasoning 3 credits

This course applies mathematics to life skill areas for personal and professional use with an emphasis in problem-solving.
Prerequisite: Minimum Score of 420 on Mathematics SAT OR successful completion of MTH 107 with a grade of C- or higher.

NWT 113 New Testament Survey 3 credits

A panoramic view of the chief events, prominent characters, main themes and salient teachings of each New Testament book in relation to its historical, geographical and cultural contexts.

OLT 123 Old Testament Survey 3 credits

A study of the historical settings, literary features, authorship, theological teachings, and general content of the books of the Hebrew Bible. This survey provides a factual and practical groundwork for further studies in the Old Testament.

PHE 281 Health and Nutrition 1 credits

This course is an overview of personal health and stress management strategies for identifying and preventing health problems. Successful exercise, wellness, and nutrition programs are introduced. Maybe taken one time only.
This course is required of all students.

PHL 113 Worldviews 3 credits

This course will examine and apply principles involved in the development of a worldview. The course will emphasize the development and application of a Christian worldview. Special emphasis will be given to critical, creative, and Christian thinking skills.

PSY 223 Introduction to Psychology 3 credit

An introduction to the basic concepts of human behavior, motivation, emotion and personality, and a survey of the contemporary psychological field.

SOC 103 Life Formation 3 credit

A practical study of the classic spiritual disciplines that are essential to lifelong spiritual formation from a Pentecostal perspective. The course will emphasize intentional and holistic applications in daily living.

THE 233 Introduction to the History & Theology of the A/G 3 credit

An introduction to the history, structure, and belief of the AG in the context of Christian theology and history.

Major Requirements

BUS 200 Explorations in Business 3 credits

An introduction to functions of business, including business organization and accounting, management of financial resources, management of human resources, marketing of goods and services, and principles of economic decision making. Open to all students.

BUS 233 Business Ethics 3 credits

Humans are moral beings facing a variety of moral decisions on a daily basis. This course examines the subject of ethical dilemmas and decisions in the business environment from both a secular perspective and a Judeo-Christian ethics paradigm. This course will sensitize students to ethical business dilemmas and provide a technique for analyzing them. Students will try to answer the questions: can businesses compete if required to function ethically; and does this require moral prerequisites to be able to do so? Students will read essays on questions in business ethics and will also read cases that are examples of ethical dilemmas. Students will be able to compare and contrast various types of ethical standards, with an emphasis on a Christian worldview.
Prerequisites: BUS 200, BUS 313.

BUS 313 Business Management 3 credits

A study of modern management theory. Overall focus on managerial functions such as planning, organizing, leading, controlling and decision making in both the nonprofit and profit sectors. The fundamentals of the management of organizational structure, culture, goals, motivation, teams, human resources, operations, change and the integration of technology.

BUS 343 Marketing and Public Relations 3 credits

Marketing and public relations in profit and nonprofit organizations. Introduces basic theory, terminology, and major components of marketing and public relations. Reviews practices of current organizations.

COM 143 Communication Theory 3 credits

A study of the theories of human and mass-mediated communication with an emphasis on research and writing. Topics include communication system theory, signs and languages, discourse, message reception and receiving, social and cultural realities, and critical theories.
Prerequisites: ENG 123 or 497 and COM 123 or 494.

COM 163Introduction to Digital Media3 credits

Survey of the personal and business uses of the individualized media including interactive TV, video games, multimedia, online services, blogs, webcasting and podcasting, digital downloads, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and e-marketing. Covers technological, social, and economic implications for users, producers, and distributors of traditional new media.

COM 293 Intercultural Communications 3 credits

An introductory course in communications between those of various cultures dealing with core culture and value orientation. The silent language and problems of Americans in other cultures are brought into focus.

COM 301 Freelancing and Shameless Self-Promotion 3 credits

This course covers topics in freelancing, starting a business, branding, and social media marketing. Featuring a skill-building approach to course topics, this course equips students to start and publicize their own business using available tools and techniques. Students will learn to establish their personal businesses ethically and legally.
Prerequisites: COM 136 and COM 143. Junior rank or higher.

COM 323 Business Communication 3 credits

Emphasis on methods needed for effective communication in the business environment. Includes interpersonal communication, oral and written reports, business letters and memos, proposal writing, and case study presentations.
Prerequisites: ENG 123 or 497 and COM 123 or 494.

COM 346 Politics, Gender and Race in the News 3 credits

The media represent categorical groups based on gender, race, religion or culture in various ways. This course focuses on the nature of such representations in particular media or across various media. While the course focuses on representations of one or more of the categorical groups delineated in the course title, the emphasis is on the manner and effects of such representations within a society.

COM 373 Design and Visual Language 3 credits

This course helps students develop the intellectual skills necessary for analysis, understanding and creation of media messages in the many formats of today’s high-density visual environment. Students will be introduced to the syntax, grammar and rhetoric of visual communications. The course also surveys current trends in interactive media, marketing and advertising on the Internet and various forms of e-commerce. Assignments explore information architecture and how visual design, writing style and navigation logic affect interactive marketing success.
Prerequisites: COM 163 and DIG 263.

COM 403Social Media Management I3 credits

This course will introduce principles of social media management, including social media planning, content development, insights and analysis. Students will explore current platforms and tools, as well as how to craft effective social media strategies. Communication and public relations theories and techniques will be explored through case studies and real-world application.

COM 413Social Media Management II3 credits

This course builds on the concepts introduced in Social Media Management I, implementing techniques to skills including setting goals, crisis management, and customer service. Emphasis will be placed on the psychology of social media, community engagement and management, as well as multimedia as online interaction. Students will apply branding strategies and corporate narrative to a variety of projects.
Prerequisites: COM 403.

COM 483 Digital Media Internship 3 credits

An internship is designed to allow upper level students to experience the professional world while they are still involved in their academic training. This provides them with both an understanding of the relationship of their academic preparation to their career aspirations and the demands that will be placed upon them in the professional world. One 3-credit internship is required between their junior and senior year. An additional 3-credit internship may be allowed with the approval of the Digital Media faculty.
Prerequisites: COM 163, DIG 263, DIG 313.

DIG 263 Digital Design 3 credit

An introduction to techniques for layout, design,typography, editing, formatting, and publishing of various documents. Course also introduces students to graphic design as a conceptual and visual discipline. Projects focus on solving visual problems from a wide range of topics in a variety of media. Includes a review of software programs.
Prerequisite: COM 163. Course requires purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud software.

DIG 303 Video Production and Technology I 3 credit

This course will cover basic video production from concept to completion. Emphasis will be placed on fundamental technical skills as well as working knowledge of professional video editing software suites. Students will learn basic camera, capturing, editing, and media creation techniques.
Prerequisite: COM 163.

ENG 223 Creative Writing 3 credits

Structured as a writing workshop, this course encourages students to develop a personal writing style and voice through experimentation with writing short stories, drama, and poetry. Skill in revising and marketing are taught.
Prerequisite: ENG 123 or 497.

ENG 313 Journalism 3 credits

An emphasis on the practical application of writing skills. News stories, reporting techniques, feature writing; editing, photojournalism and layout will be studied. Principles of journalism are applied specifically to church promotion.
Prerequisite: ENG 123 or 497.

ENG 333 Writing for the Media 3 credits

This course will introduce students to various types of mass media writing -- print and broadcast journalism, public relations, advertising and online media. It will develop skills in information gathering, interviewing, organizing, writing and revising media writing and in judging the quality of current media writing. Students will learn how to create a weblog or online “blog” and become an expert in a niche field. The class will teach students to look at a news story and determine the best media to represent it.
Prerequisites: ENG 123 or ENG 497 and ENG 223 or ENG 313.

PSY 300 Organizational Psychology 3 credit

This course will provide the student with an overview of the field of Organizational Psychology. An emphasis will be placed on motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, decision making, teams in the workplace, organizational change and human factors. Students will also examine emerging trends and historical theory. Case studies will be extensively used.
Prerequisite: PSY 223.