Urban Studies

Bachelor of Arts127 Credits

The Urban Studies major is designed to prepare the student spiritually, academically and experientially in order to positively impact our world’s urban cities. This includes understanding, appreciating and developing relationships with multiple cultures and community organizations in order to communicate transformational biblical principles in urban, cross-cultural contexts.

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  1. Students will express in written and oral form a biblically based philosophy for urban ministries.
  2. Students will use information literacy skills and biblical principles to analyze and evaluate diverse historic and contemporary cultures and religions.
  3. Students will cultivate collegial relationships with cross-cultural leaders and organizations to help develop and support unique ministries.
  4. Students will maintain a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ through consistent Christian disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, and community service.
  5. Students will, though contextualization, implement strategies to bridge cultural, economic, or generational barriers to strengthen local urban ministries.

Note: Students majoring in Urban Studies are required to complete an intensive semester internship in a major urban center. This internship experience will generally be taken during the Junior year. Catalog descriptions indicate required courses to be taken on site at the urban center in conjunction with the internship.

Course Code
Course Name
6 cr
2 cr
Fine Arts Course
3 cr
3 cr
Literature Course
3 cr
Math Course
3 cr
Physical Activity Course
1 cr
Science Course
3 cr
64 credits
Course Code
Course Name
3 cr
Choose One:
3 cr
Choose One:
3 cr
Ethnic Studies Course
3 cr
Ubran Center Experience
Taken Simultaneously
63 credits
* Intensive 10-day course.
** Monthly weekend on-site course. Added fee $175.

For students seeking to pursue graduate education, most graduate programs require a minimum GPA of 3.0 for entrance.

Course Descriptions & Related Information

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BIB 200 Biblical Theology 3 credits

A study of the major biblical and theological themes of both testaments. Emphasis on discovering the flow of ideas that bind the different books of the Bible into a unified whole.
: OLT 123, NWT 113.

BIB 213 Hermeneutics 3 credits

An advanced study of the history, theory, and practice of biblical interpretation. This course emphasizes knowledge, understanding, and skills for pastoral and scholarly study of the Scripture including a review of current approaches and developments.
Prerequisites: OLT 123, NWT 113

COM 123 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 credits

A basic course in public speaking designed to provide both theory and practice in principles of effective speech composition and communication.

COM 293 Intercultural Communications 3 credits

An introductory course in communications between those of various cultures dealing with core culture and value orientation. The silent language and problems of Americans in other cultures are brought into focus.

ENG 123 College Writing and Research 3 credits

This course stresses the writing process and introduces the skills necessary to conduct college-level research. Emphasis is placed on argumentative and analytical writing supported by research. A passing grade of C- or higher is required.

HIS 213 Ancient and Medieval World History 3 credits

A survey of world civilization from the beginning of civilization to the Renaissance. Special attention is given to major events, individual, and the cultural contributions of each civilization.

HIS 223 Modern and Contemporary World History 3 credits

A survey of world civilization from the Enlightenment to the present. Special attention is given to major events, individual, and the cultural contributions of each civilization.

HIS 233 U. S. History - Colonization to Reconstruction 3 credits

A survey of the major events and individuals in United States history from Colonization to Reconstruction. Critically examines various topics of interpretive interest in American history such as the coming of the coming of the Europeans, Puritanism, religious freedom, the Revolution, slavery, immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

HIS 243 U. S. History - Reconstruction to the Present 3 credits

A survey of the major events and individuals in United States history from just after Reconstruction to the present. Critically examines various topics of interpretive interest in American history such as immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the rise of Big Business, imperialism, the New Deal, the Cold War, Vietnam, the civil rights movement, etc. No prerequisites required.

LNG 240 Introduction to Biblical Languages 3 credits

An introduction to biblical languages including an overview of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. Emphasis is given to the function and use of the languages for biblical studies.

NWT 113 New Testament Survey 3 credits

A panoramic view of the chief events, prominent characters, main themes and salient teachings of each New Testament book in relation to its historical, geographical and cultural contexts.

OLT 123 Old Testament Survey 3 credits

A study of the historical settings, literary features, authorship, theological teachings, and general content of the books of the Hebrew Bible. This survey provides a factual and practical groundwork for further studies in the Old Testament.

PHE 281Health and Nutrition1 credit

This course is an overview of personal health and stress management strategies for identifying and preventing health problems. Successful exercise, wellness, and nutrition programs are introduced. May be taken one time only. This course is required of all students.

PHL 113 Worldviews 3 credits

This course will examine and apply principles involved in the development of a worldview. The course will emphasize the development and application of a Christian worldview. Special emphasis will be given to critical, creative, and Christian thinking skills.

PSY 223 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits

An introduction to the basic concepts of human behavior, motivation, emotion and personality, and a survey of the contemporary psychological field.

SOC 103 Life Formation 3 credits

A practical study of the classic spiritual disciplines that are essential to lifelong spiritual formation from a Pentecostal perspective. The course will emphasize intentional and holistic applications in daily living.

THE 214Theology of Missions from a Pentecostal Prospective3 credits

An introduction to Biblical principles and practices relating to the role of the Holy Spirit in conjunction with the Church of Jesus Christ empowered by that same Spirit in sending missionaries and laymen to plant indigenous churches, thus fulfilling Christ's Great Commission

THE 233 A/G Doctrine and History 3 credits

A study of Assemblies of God antecedents, history, government, doctrinal emphases, distinctives, and missions.

Major Requirements

EDU 340 Methods of Teaching ELL 3 credits

This is an introductory course in bilingual/multicultural/ELL education. This course will focus on methods of developing lesson plans in language arts, science, math, social studies, and the arts for the English Language Learner (ELL). Components of curriculum content, teaching techniques, second language literacy, assessment, and development and evaluation of teaching materials are emphasized.
Prerequisites: EDU 103, ECE 123 OR EDU 263, CMS 233.

ICS 209 Spiritual Encounters 3 credits

This course examines the principles and dynamics of spiritual conflict. Issues include theological reflection, cultural analysis, and pragmatic considerations such as spiritual discipline and the implications for mission strategies. The course includes a biblical examination of the principles of spiritual warfare, intercession, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

PST 403 Intro to Spiritual Gifts3 credits

Analysis of the New Testament focus on spiritual gifts as found in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12-14, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4. One third of the course examines biblical interpretation in light of Pentecostal theology. The remainder of the course deals with application of these principles in the development and operation of spiritual gifts in the church.

ICS 338Critical Issues in Urban Context3 credits

An overview and analysis of the urban context, with attention given to the biblical theology of mission to the city. Old Testament and New Testament themes are explored.

SOC 323Social/Biblical Justice3 credits

Biblical justice is examined through a series of Scripture passages as a foundation to the Christian’s perspective on social justice. Students explore biblical teaching on evil, sin, conflict and injustice for current social problems and theological formulation. Topics such as poverty, world hunger, homelessness, revolution, political unrest, human trafficking and child labor will be contemplated in relation to restorative justice, global reconciliation, reform and development.

ICS 142Cultural Anthropology3 credits

This course will introduce students to the heart of human culture in its diverse, traditional and changing beliefs, values, behavior and economics. Key persons and trends will be studied through classes, assignments, overview of modern mission history, and personal interaction with people who apply anthropological principles to cross-cultural service.

ICS 421Pastoral Theology of the Urban Church3 credits

Examines how Christian beliefs and institutions have been shaped by and help to direct community life within urban locations. Course content focuses on current methods and skills of urban church ministry, community organizing, and social change within a city. Consideration is given to different strategies used to serve a local neighborhood. Course fee $175.

ICS 456 Urban Evangelism and Church Planting 3 credits

Strategies for evangelism and church development are examined and applied through case studies, field trips, contacts with resource persons, and student led projects. The course will incorporate practical application of evangelism and church planting in the urban context.

ICS 485 Capstone3 credits

A capstone paper that evaluates and integrates the totality of the student’s studies and experience.

PRE 213 Foundations of Biblical Preaching 3 credits

An introduction to sermon preparation and preaching combining theory and practice. Lectures cover theoretical and practical aspects of sermons and their preparation, structure and delivery.
Prerequisites: COM 123 or 494, BIB 103 when applicable, BIB 213,
OLT 123 and NWT 113.

PST 423 Pastoral Ministry and Practice 3 credits

An overview of the character, qualifications and call of the pastor. Instruction is given in conducting common church ceremonies: water baptism, communion, infant dedication, installation of officers, weddings, and funerals. Includes principles for conducting church business meetings, parliamentary procedure, visitation and pastoral care.

PSY 333 Pastoral Counseling 3 credits

An introduction to the pastoral perspective in counseling. A study of the biblical basis for counseling will be conducted. Emphasis will be given to a survey of techniques for premarital, marriage, family, career guidance, grief, and pre-referral counseling.
Prerequisite: PSY 223.

REL 223 Introduction to World Religions 3 credits

The world’s great religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are studied with a comparison to Christianity. Each religion is then considered in light of its anthropological and cultural influences.

REL 303Engaging Islam3 credits

This course provides as overview of Islam, including its beginnings and expansion, the beliefs and practices of formal and folk Islam, Islamic sects, the identity of women, Islam in the United States, global Islam today and bridges for communicating with Muslims.

THE 243 Theology I 3 credits

A study of the introduction to theology, the defense of the faith, and the doctrines of the Bible and revelation, God, creation, and angels. Special attention is given to Assemblies of God issues (Technically: Prolegomena, Apologetics, Bibliology, Theology Proper, Cosmology, and Angelology.) Prerequisites: OLT 123 and NWT 113.

THE 303 Theology II 3 credits

A study of the doctrines of humanity, sin, Christ, and salvation. Special attention is given to Assemblies of God issues. (Technically: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Christology, and Soteriology.)
Prerequisites: OLT
123, NWT 113.

THE 353 Theology III 3 credits

A study of the doctrines of the Holy Spirit, the Church, and death and the end times. Special attention is given to Assemblies of God issues. (Technically: Pnuematology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology: Personal and General.)
Prerequisites: OLT 123, NWT

ICS 483 Urban Internship6 credits

One semester internship and training/mentoring in the urban ministry context and related social service opportunities. Course taught at the Urban Center.

ICS 498 Independent Study3 credits

Directed reading and research during the student’s urban study experience. Topics are individually designed according to student interest and in consultation with instructor.

SOC 333City in Context3 credits

A sociological look at the unique culture and dynamics of urban cities. Explores issues relevant to migration, ethnicity, pluralism, immigration, and marginalization in the urban context. The course is designed to help students engage in cross-cultural learning experiences that will enable them to demonstrate a genuine understanding of what it means to work and live in the city. Course taught at the Urban Center.