Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Coming Fall 2014

Criminal justice professionals work in a variety of positions, both in the public eye and behind the scenes. Local, state and federal enforcement agencies, crime scene technicians and investigators, public safety professionals, detectives, security and emergency personnel who use their expertise of deduction and technology to solve complicated crimes.

The Criminal Justice major teaches fundamentals of the criminal justice system and criminal justice skills. The program offers a foundation in criminal law, legal procedures, criminal evidence and criminology. Areas of study include law enforcement, the courts and corrections. The upper-level courses include more in-depth study of the criminal justice systems, along with instruction in areas such as criminalistics, victimology and computer forensics.

Acquire Critical & Analytical Skills

If you are interested in working in the criminal justice field and are intrigued by the legal system and how it relates to law enforcement, the Criminal Justice major at the University of Valley Forge is the right match for you.

Apply Now! Get an education that will prepare you for a productive and rewarding career, allowing you to learn about:

  • Causes of crime
  • Criminal behavior
  • Social deviance
  • Criminal courts
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Gender and race
  • Mental health
  • Law enforcement
  • Laws, practices & ethics
  • Courts, corrections & security
  • Forensics & intelligence
  • Crime prevention & control
  • Criminal justice system

Contact Information:

Kenneth R. Lang
Program Director