Online Learning

Christian Ministries Online

The Christian Ministries Online Degree is designed to provide the student with a foundational knowledge in Bible, education, church ministry, and the variety of Christian ministry opportunities within the local church, outside of the church, and in parachurch organizations. The program exposes the student to a broad perspective of the church as a whole and the various ministries it provides.

There are two unique Christian Ministries Online majors offered, which include a general Christian Ministries Online degree and a Field Internship Christian Ministries Online degree. See each major for specific requirements. Click here to apply online.

Associates of Arts in Bible Online

The Associates of Arts in Bible Online is designed to teach the student the foundational knowledge in biblical studies and Christian life. The program will also prepare the student to pursue further training in church ministry or to continue education in another career having had the spiritual enrichment of the program. Click here to apply online.

In addition to our beautiful campus in Phoenixville, PA, the University of Valley Forge has a satellite campus in Woodbridge, VA, and two virtual online campuses.