Connect2 Technology Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click Here to see the complete Terms and Conditions document that must be signed upon receiving a laptop.

What is the Connect2 Technology Program?
The Connect2 Technology Program is designed to ensure that each student is equipped with the hardware, software and technical support necessary to maximize their educational experience at the University of Valley Forge.

How does the Connect2 Technology Program work?
Registered freshmen receive a new laptop at the beginning of the fall semester. After four semesters (two years), you will return the laptop and receive a new laptop. Upon graduation, you keep the second laptop. The licensing permits you to continue using the software upon graduation.

Do I own the Connect2 laptop computer?
The laptop is owned by UVF while you are attending the College. Upon graduation you will take ownership of the laptop.

Who is eligible for the Connect2 Technology Program?
The Connect2 Technology Program is mandatory for all full-time students and transfer students with 75 credits or less.

If I already own a computer, can I opt out of the Connect2 Technology Program?
No. The Connect2 Technology Program is mandatory for all full-time students and transfer students with 75 credits or less..

How do I choose which Connect2 laptop I'd like?
The process starts once you receive an email from the Office of Information Technology with specific information to choose the laptop you want to receive. You can choose a Dell Latitude or MacBook Pro laptop*. If you make your choice after the selection deadline, this could delay processing the request and cause you to receive the computer at a later date.
*Digital Media majors will not receive an email for a laptop choice because they automatically receive a 13" MacBook Pro. In their Junior year, Digital Media majors with financial approval have the option to choose a 15” MacBook Pro for the final 4 semesters (2 years) of the program. Additional charges apply.

What software is included on the laptop?
The most popular titles include Microsoft Office® Professional Suite, Logos® Bible Software, and Avast® Anti-Virus Software.

Are the Connect2 laptops covered by a warranty?
All laptops are covered by the manufacturer warranties for hardware failures. Each computer is also covered under an accidental damage warranty that protects against damage with the exception of certain cosmetic issues. Full-time Apple and Dell certified technicians are on staff to complete laptop repairs on site. If necessary, you will be provided with a loaner laptop during the repair of the original computer.

If I don’t like the Connect2 laptop I choose, can I exchange it for another model?
Once you make a choice for a laptop, you must keep that laptop for the first cycle of 2 years (or 4 semesters). At that time, you may choose a different model that you will keep upon graduation. If you are already on your second cycle of 2 years, you will keep your laptop and upon graduation you will take ownership of the laptop.

What does my Connect2 Technology Program Fee pay for?
The Connect2 Technology Program goes beyond simply distributing laptops to students. Besides the cost of the laptop, the Connect2 fee pays for the bundled accessories (Sleeve, Flash Drive, Network Cable), the Microsoft Office® Professional Suite, Logos® Bible Software, Avast® Anti-Virus Software, and Dell CompleteCare or AppleCare. The Connect2 fee also pays for in-house technicians that repair the computers on-site.

Where should I go if I need support?
If you need technical support, there are many options available to you:

How can I safeguard my laptop from loss or theft?
You should not leave your laptop or accessories unattended at any time. If the laptop is in your room, the room should be kept locked. You may also consider purchasing a cable lock.

If my laptop is lost or stolen, what should I do?
If a laptop is lost or stolen on campus, you should immediately visit the Office of Campus Security, located in the Student Life Building, to file a police report. If a laptop is lost or stolen off campus, you should immediately file a police report with the police department closest to the location of the theft. In those instances, you should deliver a copy of the police report to Campus Security. In either case, you should also notify the RA, RD and Help Desk. A deductible will apply to a total loss or theft. Once the reports are completed and the deductible is paid, you will be provided with a replacement laptop.

Are there computer labs available on campus?
Five iMac computer labs are available on campus for students.

Two dual boot iMac computer labs with Windows/Macintosh OS X:
  • Storms Research Center Computer Mall
  • Instructional Computer Lab
Three additional iMac computer labs with Macintosh OS X are available for students in specific majors:
  • Homework Lab
  • Audio Suite
  • Video Instruction Lab
            - hardware upgraded and designed to run the latest video editing software

How can I access the network and Internet on campus?
High speed Internet access of 300Mbps is provided to every student through the campus network via wired or wireless connection. There are more than 200 wireless access points in various locations throughout the campus. Internet use is monitored and filtered to protect the college from illegal and objectionable material.

Do I get to use my computer over breaks?
Students may use the laptops during breaks, including the summer months. Students who need support during breaks can go online to submit an issue at, email or call the Help Desk at 610.917.2000.

Where do I go to print my papers, assignments, etc.?
Pharos Print, located in the SRC, streamlines the printing process by allowing jobs to be printed in the order they are released and by allowing users to delete jobs they do not want. Students are allocated a specified amount of free printing at the start of each semester. Students who desire to print in excess of these free funds will be required to purchase additional pages ( $.05 per page per black and white page and $.25 per color page.) To access the print kiosk students are required to login with their username and password. Students are given $20 in free prints per semester as part of their tuition. This works out to 400 black and white prints per semester.

Why do I need to change my password?
UVF security standards require students to change their password every 120 days. The password must be at least eight characters in length including 1 - uppercase, 1 - number, 1 - special character. Students are not to share their password with anyone or allow others to user their account at the risk of having their accounts disabled for an indefinite amount of time.

What about email?
Once you are accepted to UVF, you will receive a student email account (Example: You can access your email account through on or off campus.

Tools, Resources and Software

myVALLEYFORGE ( - A one-stop portal for students to register for and add/drop courses, view course schedules, view housing assignments, view student account statements, make payments online and access to research databases. UVF's Learning Management System (LMS), eLearning is also integrated with and accessed through myVALLEYFORGE. The LMS provides access to student courses, including course work, announcements, grades, quizzes and tests and provides interaction between faculty and students outside of the classroom.

Integrated Library System
Symphony - A state-of-the-art library information system is available to search the Storms Research Center's library holding. This system also provides a web-based interface for searching. In addition, you have access to a "My Account" feature that allows you to request an item, change contact information and view the items that are currently checked out on your account.

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