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Attending Chapel, weekdays from 10:00 am until 11:00 am, is key to being an active part of the University of Valley Forge community. Each morning we gather in the Flower Chapel for worship, prayer and meditation on God's word. Chapel services are diverse and intended to help students experience spiritual growth and development. Feel free to explore this page to watch recent broadcasts and encourage family and friends to watch the daily webcasts as well. 

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Student Led Ministries Recap

November 25, 2014 November 25, 2014 - November 25, 2014

Chapel Senior Speaker: Natalie Hagen

December 01, 2014 December 01, 2014 - December 01, 2014

Puppet Chapel

December 02, 2014 December 02, 2014 - December 02, 2014

Closing Convocation

December 03, 2014 December 03, 2014 - December 03, 2014
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) welcomed the musical stage production of "Pillars of Fire" to its campus this week. The musical, from Lights Up Productions, takes audiences to the ancient world of the Roman Empire, back to when the Apostle Paul proclaimed Jesus as Lord in the city streets. UVF students had the opportunity to serve with the "Pillars of Fire" cast as volunteer performers. The campus hosted two free performances; the first one on Sunday, Nov. 2, which was open to the public, and Monday, Nov. 3, for the campus community. Music and lyrics were written by Brent Grosvenor, founder of Lights Up Productions. 

The musical spanned from the time of Paul's persecution of Christians (as Saul) through his conversion and ministry sharing the gospel, to his execution. The stage backdrop resembled ancient Roman streets where the stories would have taken place. The production also used a projector screen to show videos that accompanied the storyline. At times, the actors on stage spoke to the recorded videos on the screen, creating the illusion that the character on the screen was present on stage. The videos were also used during monologues to help the audience understand the biblical accounts by demonstrating non-dialogue scenes from Jesus' and Paul's ministries. The screen also projected metaphors of Paul's dialogue. 

Twelve UVF students had the opportunity to serve in the musical using their skills and talents. When Lights Up Productions contacted UVF this past summer to ask if the university would be interested in hosting the musical, Grosvenor suggested that some of UVF’s music majors participate in the performance. He arrived on campus a few days before the first performance to rehearse with the students. Twelve students comprised the chorus and four of them also played minor acting roles. Senior Gavin Harper was Silas, senior Joshua Keller was Gaius, sophomore Caleb Gudgeon was Luke and junior Jaron Beadle was Timothy. 

Grosvenor also directed the musical, which gave the students first-hand experience from a professional writer and director. "Brent's passion and love for portraying the life of Paul was very evident in our practices and our shows," Beadle said. "We as students were able to grasp what had happened to Paul and realize the impact that he left before he was executed." 

"Pillars of Fire" portrayed Paul's testimony, ministry, hardships and determination to preach the gospel and love people everywhere. The musical encouraged the campus to go and be pillars of fire for God, the examples of love and faith that help guide the way through a darkened world.

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Pillars of Fire Musical at UVF November 18, 2014
2013 Annual Report Cover
UVF Annual Magazine
The University of Valley Forge Christian College Annual Magazine and Reports are available online. 

The annual publication features college news and events, student highlights and alumni events throughout the academic year. In addition, the report includes financial data and donor lists. 

If you do not currently receive the publication in the mail, but would like to, please contact the Alumni Office at

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Annual Magazine & Reports Available Online November 17, 2014
Prime Time in The Pit
On Oct. 17, a lively group of students, faculty and staff gathered in the University of Valley Forge (UVF) gymnasium, dubbed "The Pit," to cheer on the annual basketball game between the faculty and staff. An atmosphere of high excitement filled the gymnasium at the start of the game, and continued to grow throughout the contest. The staff team jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. When the final buzzer blared, the staff team took home the trophy. 
During the course of the night there were various games and activities in which the students participated. At halftime, students from different residence halls were called to the gym floor to compete with one another in a relay race and shooting baskets from the free throw line. The crowd cheered for their classmates and friends, responding to the games with shouts of enjoyment and encouragement.

After a fun evening of competition and excitement, the crowds eventually dispersed. Though there was a friendly sense of competition between the two teams, there was also a clear sense of unity between players and fans. Certainly, there were cheers for each team; however, the loudest cheers were for the strong sense of community that exists at the University of Valley Forge.

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Prime Time in The Pit November 05, 2014
The Launch
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) is comprised of a diverse student body. Students from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities are drawn to UVF for its enriching academic programs and spiritual atmosphere. With a growing spectrum of backgrounds represented, the newly formed Multicultural Development Center (MDC) was created to encourage the UVF community to embrace these differences as a wonderful expression of God's creativity.
“We want our students to be able to celebrate the cultural distinctions that 
God so beautifully and wonderfully made,” said Tim Latiff, a UVF admissions counselor and coordinator for the MDC. Latiff and Joseph Ocasio, director of the Office of Admissions and director of the MDC are excited to see the program come to reality. According to Latiff, the purpose of the new center is “to let students know they belong, they matter and they fit in.” 

On Sept. 17, an open mic night event titled The Launch took place at Krempels Theater with the purpose of informing the student body about the MDC. The MDC serves to bring together students from different cultures to worship God in a spirit of love and community. A student-led campus ministry known as FuZion has formed through the establishment of the MDC.

Over 230 students attended The Launch open mic night. Current junior Peter Reeves hosted the event which featured two student groups ministering in gospel and Latin worship. Freshman Randy Ramos was the on-stage DJ. The Martyrs, a UVF student Christian rap group, performed a number of songs that ministered to the crowd. Also featured at The Launch was gospel singer Justin Cabarrus who has performed onstage with notable artists Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett and Jonathon Nelson.
After the event, students and performers enjoyed a time of fellowship with Chick-Fil-A meals provided by the MDC. With a number of FuZion events planned for the future, the student body is anticipating the desired connection between cultures and a lasting impact on many more lives. 

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The Launch November 05, 2014