Ministries on Campus

Small Groups

Small Groups at the University of Valley Forge are student-led ministries. They use prayer, Bible study, accountability and outreach to promote fellowship, build community and foster spiritual growth. Although we don’t require it, we do encourage your participation in a Small Group.

Ministry Teams

Chosen and Pneuma are music ministries from the University of Valley Forge in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The teams travel extensively representing the college at conventions, churches, schools and youth camps throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

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Student Ministry/Service Learning

Student Ministry and Service Learning are vital parts of the UVF curriculum and provide opportunities for meaningful integration of classroom instruction with practical training through off-campus experiences. Student Ministry/Service Learning requirements are integrated into the academic requirements for many classes. Student Ministry/Service Learning assignments are detailed in each applicable course syllabi.

Students will receive emails and postings throughout the semester making them aware of opportunities for ministry. A Ministry Fair is held at the beginning of the year where local churches and student teams make the student body aware of the ministries they can be involved in. Students with a particular interest are encouraged to contact the Intercultural Ministries Department. Beyond the academic requirements, UVF strongly recommends broad ministry involvement so that every student may be acquainted with many aspects of ministry.

Ministry involvement includes service in area churches, children’s ministries, Chi Alpha college and university ministry, ministry to the homeless, senior citizens, Teen Challenge, prison ministry, personal evangelism, church planting, urban mission teams, summer camps, foreign missions experiences, etc. Information regarding all current outreaches is available through the Intercultural Ministries Department.


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