All About Spiritual Life at UVF

Spirituality at Valley Forge Christian College, a College for Christians in PA

At the University of Valley Forge, you have many opportunities to grow spiritually—to know God. From daily chapel services to participation in Small Groups and fellowship with students and faculty, opportunities to let God shape you are everywhere. UVF is a Christian college, and we take seriously the values and behavior that represent the Christian lifestyle. Because we do, we’ve established standards of conduct that contribute to an environment that honors Christ.

 Spiritual life at UVF is centered around our Chapel Services. Students, staff and faculty members come together daily as a body of believers that seek to honor Christ and worship God. Each day from 10:00 am until 11:00 am, students join the rest of UVF community in the Flower Chapel for worship, prayer and meditation on God's word. Chapel services are diverse and intended to help students experience spiritual growth and development. Access the Chapel Webcast page.

Theologically Distinct: Denominationally Diverse

The University of Valley Forge is a co-educational college of the Assemblies of God for the Northeast Region. Each week, more than 2.6 million people worship in more than 12,000 Assemblies of God churches across the country. Even though UVF represents the Assemblies of God, our students come from many different denominations and we embrace them as full members of our community.

Small Groups

Small Groups at UVF are student-led ministries. We use prayer, Bible study, accountability and outreach to promote fellowship, build community and foster spiritual growth. Although we don’t require it, we do encourage student participation in a small group for the support and close-knit community offerings it provides.

The Prayer Chapel

The historic Mason Chapel was originally built as the Memorial Chapel for Valley Forge General Hospital. The red brick building now serves as a classroom, student preaching chapel and, most importantly, as the prayer chapel. There are bulletin boards on each wall of the entry to Mason Chapel with prayer cards expressing UVF community needs and concerns, as well as issues regarding our missionaries and their families.

The Flower Chapel

The Flower Chapel is the center of worship and spirituality at the University of Valley Forge. The UVF community gathers here, daily, for services and also comes together to celebrate with music and artistic worship events. Flags around the Chapel show the countries in which UVF missionaries have served, or are currently serving.

Chapel & Archives
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