Study Abroad

Going to college will broaden your horizons in the figurative sense, but the University of Valley Forge also offers opportunities to broaden your horizons in the literal sense with programs that let you study elsewhere in the country and even internationally.

Study abroad opportunities

If you'd like to study in a cross-cultural environment, UVF offers one-semester and full-year programs at several outstanding seminaries and colleges in Europe:

For more information, please contact the vice president of academic affairs. Student financial aid is available.

Dr. Kevin Beery
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Student Programs

Because UVF is a member, The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities offers our students unique opportunities to make the world their classroom for a semester or summer term. For more information, visit CCCU Best Semester, contact the Academic Affairs Office, write to Student Programs, 321 Eighth Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002, call 977.946.9373 (toll free) or fax 202.546.8914.

Other semester study programs:

  • American Studies Program (Washington, D.C.)
  • China Studies Program (Xiamen University)
  • Contemporary Music Center (Martha's Vineyard)
  • Latin American Studies Program (San Jose, Costa Rica)
  • Middle East Studies Program (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Russian Studies Program (Moscow and St. Petersburg)

Summer study in England:

  • Oxford Summer Programme (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford)

Focus on the Family Institute

If you want to become a leader in your family, church and society, Focus on the Family Institute (FFI) offers an intensive, 16-credit hour program in Colorado Springs, Colo. Designed for college juniors and seniors from all academic majors, FFI allows students to interact with national and international religious, educational and political leaders and experts. Both the fall/spring semester and the summer semester address issues facing our culture such as worldview belief systems, public-policy issues, the decline of the family and the role of the church in society.

For more information or an application, click here, call 719.548.4560 or write to Focus on the Family Institute, 8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

View the Articulation Agreements with each of these study abroad institutions.
View the Transfer of Credit Policy.
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