UVF Grant

The University of Valley Forge is pleased to introduce the UVF Grant for first-time incoming students. We are committed to providing financial support to all students called to learn and develop within our community.

Here’s how it works. The document provided by the Department of Education to determine your family’s aid eligibility is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The department utilizes a standard formula that takes into consideration your family’s income, number of dependents, assets, and the number of other family members in college. Your family will then receive an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number. This number determines your overall Federal aid eligibility.

Based on that EFC number AND the student’s high school Grade Point Average (GPA), you are awarded a UVF Grant which will be renewable for four years.

Graph for VFCC Grant

The following UVF scholarships will reduce the grant: Academic, Virtuoso, Outstanding Achievement, Fine Arts, Academic Achievement and Foreign Missionary Dependent.

Awarded to first-time incoming students only (new and transfer). Readmit students will not qualify for the first four years of the grant’s inception.

The UVF Grant is renewable for up to four years for students with a qualifying GPA. Renewable amount is based on student’s first year EFC and high school GPA. If the Renewable GPA is not achieved, the grant will be reduced to the next lowest cell, if applicable. A student may regain their original grant level once they achieve the required GPA.

GPA clarification: If you are a home School student, you will receive the GPA earned through your Home School Association. If no GPA is calculated, a 2.5 GPA will be assumed. If you who have completed a GED, a GPA of 2.0 will be assumed. If you are a transfer student with less than 30 transfer credits you will use your high school GPA. However, if you are a transfer student with more than 29 transfer credits, you will use a combined college GPA.

You must be full-time (at least 12 credits) to receive all UVF tuition scholarships, including the UVF Grant.

Graph of VFCC Grant 

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