CO-OP & Off-Campus Jobs

Many students take advantage of work study opportunities

Earn while you learn!

There are numerous opportunities for student jobs on-campus. The UVF CO-OP (Comprehensive On-Campus Occupational Program) provides three types of jobs: work study, restricted and non-restricted. Off-campus job opportunities are also available.

All jobs are posted through the Office of Career Services. Available positions are automatically emailed to students throughout the year and are listed in their myVALLEYFORGE account under the career services link.

CO-OP Jobs

Work Study. These jobs are reserved for students who are found eligible to participate after submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You are notified of your eligibility in your financial aid award letter. If eligible, you may work in a variety of jobs between 10–15 hours per week earning $7.25 per hour.

Restricted. These jobs are reserved for students who, after submitting the FAFSA and utilizing all the financial aid that is available to them, still owe money on their student account and do not have a car to be able to work off-campus. ‚ÄčThe majority of jobs fall into this category because of UVF’s commitment to supporting the students who find themselves in this position.

Non-Restricted.  These jobs are available to students whose financial aid file is complete or who have filed a FAFSA Waiver stating that they are not filing a FAFSA. Typically these are jobs that require a specific skill or need to be filled at the very start of the semester. While the bulk of the on-campus jobs are in the “restricted” category, there are still a number of "non-restricted" jobs available.

Off-Campus Jobs

The University of Valley Forge is located in Chester County, an area offering a variety of jobs with competitive wages. At the beginning of each semester, the Office of Career Services hosts a job fair to provide an opportunity to interact with dozens of potential employers, fill out applications and participate in brief interviews. Many of our students enjoy working and developing job skills off-campus in interesting and financially useful positions.

For more information about CO-OP positions or off-campus jobs, please contact the Office of Career Services at 610.917.1461 or email.

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