When in a store, you can pick up an article of clothing, see it, feel it and try it on before you buy it. Likewise, a college visit is a helpful way to try out our campus for size and fit.

We invite you to visit our campus and "try us on."

At the University of Valley Forge, we offer three unique opportunities to visit our campus. Each can be valuable as you explore your educational options and gather important information about living and learning in our community.

Schedule a visit to our campus today!

We'd love to give you a personalized tour.

Questions? Email the Director of Admissions or call 610.917.1487.

Open House

Open House is a Saturday event that begins by having breakfast with the president, a campus tour, learn about the spiritual and social life at the college and connect with faculty and students in specific fields of interest.

College for a Day

College For A Day is an individually designed weekday visit for any high school student or graduate. Our admissions counselor creates a schedule for you that includes classes, a campus tour and lunch with a student host.


Breakaway is a 24-hour overnight experience for high school students. Attend a variety of classes, daily chapel, meet faculty and staff, and participate in information sessions and other planned activities.

Discover Your Future

At the University of Valley Forge, your future matters!

From day one, you become an important part of our Valley Forge family. You'll be welcomed by a campus that is excited you're here!

When you're a part of the University of Valley Forge, you're a part of something greater. An education that engages you and a campus culture that moves you, ultimately leading you to your dreams.