Career Opportunities

At the University of Valley Forge, we are convinced that the shorter the gap between classroom learning and application, the greater the retention. As parents, we know that it is very important for you to feel confident that your student will be successful and put their college investment to good use once they graduate.

Service Learning experiences are applied in many courses giving students a practical understanding of the coursework.

Internships play an integral part of the student’s college career by adding to their understanding of the major in which they are enrolled and preparing them for their career.

Placement Services assists the students as they transition into the working world. Students are provided assistance with job placement during their time on campus and upon graduation. Employers are encouraged to come to campus to interview students as potential employees, resume building and interview techniques are discussed in the Internship Seminar course, and a database of available jobs is provided for the students.

Career Services Hosts assist students with job fairs, career fairs, graduate school/seminary fairs, and camp fairs. Other areas of assistance include resume building, interview skills, mock interview sessions and dress for success sessions.