P​hiladelphia Aquatic Center

Philly Aquatic Center 

​Philadelphia Aquatic Center at University of Valley Forge

Proposed facility to meet the aquatic health, safety, recreation and competition needs of the citizens of Phoenixville and the metro Philadelphia region.

Philly Aquatic CenterA local board of private citizens has partnered with the University of Valley Forge to plan, fund and construct an Olympic size aquatic facility at their Phoenixville campus. Current aquatic facilities in the region are small, outdated and do not adequately benefit either the communities they reside in or broader aquatic interests. The board has consulted with several project management firms to examine sources of funding, timelines for construction and long term viability. No professional management team has yet been signed to fundraise or plan. A memorandum of understanding exists between the board and the university to collaborate on this project and work toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

The next step in bringing this exciting project to reality is to conduct a feasibility study. We are convinced that there is a strong need for such a facility in the Mid-Atlantic Region and a feasibility study will be instrumental in documenting this need when approaching donors, government and civic agencies, and investors. Will you help us? A total of $50,000 is needed for the feasibility study and we need your help. Any amount will be appreciated and will make a difference. Donations will be made to the University of Valley Forge, a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation may only be used to support the Philadelphia Aquatic Center.

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Products and Services

Aquatic centers provide numerous products and services:

  • Learn to swim programs (6 months to 6 years)
  • Physical Therapy and rehabilitative programs; community health and wellness
  • Competitive swimming (both youth and adult) – there are 12,000 competitive youth swimmers in the metro Philadelphia region without access to a state-of-the-art facility
  • Water Polo
  • Diving
  • Safety and rescue training (EMT)
  • Camps and clinics
The proposed pool would be an 8-lane 50 meter Olympic size pool. There would be a separate 6-lane 25 yard pool that could be heated for lessons and water therapy. There is proposed seating for 1200-1500 spectators.

Space available at the university (approx. 50 acres plus dormitory space) allows for expansion into other athletic areas that would require field space, athletic training and indoor activities (courts, turf, weight training, etc.)

For more information see Facebook at:
FB.com/PhillyAquaticCenter or contact: Info@PhillyAquaticCenter.com

Costs and Potential Revenue
The aquatic center is expected to cost $16-20M depending on customization and other build outs. Expanding into other athletic facilities moves the cost into the mid-20 million range. Yearly operating costs are estimated at 750- 800K.

Income Sources
  • Competitive swim team and 3-4 large weekend meets: $450k
  • Swim lessons and summer camps: $150-200k
  • Community involvement (health and wellness, safety training, rehab): $200k
Funding Sources
All these are possibilities at this planning stage:

  • Private philanthropic organizations
  • Local community interests (banks, health care, retail)
  • Commercial loans
  • Venture capital/angel investors
  • Local bond issues
  • Competitive swim team and 3-4 large weekend meets: $450k
  • Swim lessons and summer camps: $150-200k
  • Community involvement (health and wellness, safety training, rehab): $200k

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