Overnight Campers

Camp Dorm Rooms

SMC17-11All overnight campers will be housed in one of UVF’s dorm rooms. Students are required to bring their own bed linens and towels, as well as other standard living items.

Males and females will be housed on separate floors and are supervised by the Camp Counselors, who also serve as Resident Assistants.

If you know someone who will also be attending the UVF Summer Music Camp, you may request a roommate. After you register for the camp, you may submit a Roommate Request Form. Although we will do our best to accommodate your roommate request, it is not guaranteed.

If you do not submit a roommate request, roommates will be assigned according to age, hometown and other factors.

Details about requesting a roommate:

  • All campers involved in the request must submit their own request form so that we know everyone does want to room together. For example, if Becky and Susan want to room together, both of them must submit a roommate request form with both their names on it.
  • Please write your preferred roommate’s name clearly. If we cannot read the name, we cannot match you with the other camper.
  • Males and females cannot request each other.
  • All request forms must be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of camp.

Dining Hall and Meal Plan

For overnight campers, three meals per day are included with your camp fees. The first meal will be lunch on check-in day. The last meal will be lunch on check-out day. For day campers, there are no meals included.  Day-campers may either bring a lunch with them each day, or purchase a meal ticket at the dining hall for $12 per meal (all you can eat). 

The dining hall, located near the Flower Chapel, is set up like a buffet. It will always include a hot entrée station and beverage station at all meals.  During breakfast, cereals, bagels, English muffins  and scrambled eggs are also available; during lunch, a salad bar, sandwich station and dessert station are added; during dinner, a salad bar, pasta station and dessert station are added.  

Students with special dietary concerns (allergies):
For those who have special dietary concerns, please contact the dining hall director who can provide more specific details regarding options. Any special meal arrangements must be made with the dining director at least three weeks prior to camp.

Packing Information

When packing for camp, please keep the following in mind:

  • The dorm rooms are small, so bring only what you really need. Don’t over pack.
  • Be sure to mark ALL your belongings with your name.
  • If something has sentimental value to you – leave it at home.


  • Bring your Instrument – the only exceptions to this are:
    • Piano/keyboard
    • Percussion/drum set
  • Bring a folding music stand labeled with your name
  • Bring music you want to work on at camp


  • Sheets for extra long twin bed
  • Pillow & pillow case
  • Towels: bath, hand and washcloth
  • Personal toiletries such as shampoo and soap
  • Small lamp or personal reading light

There is one light in the room on the ceiling. However, if your roommate wants to sleep and you want to be able to read, write, etc., especially after the room light has been turned out, you’ll need to bring your own light.

  • Alarm clock
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Sunscreen


If you decide to bring personal electronic devices such as laptops, iPods, phones, cameras, etc., please understand the following:

  • There is no place to secure these devices when not in use and when you are not in your room.
  • The rooms do not have safes and there is no lockable location for them to be kept.
  • These items are your responsibility. UVF is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of any personal item.
  • Since you are constantly moving between buildings and rooms, it is easy to leave something behind, for something to go missing, or for you to go to your next class without it.


You are permitted to bring snack items with you for your dorm room but we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Your roommate may have allergies to which you are unaware. Please bring only food items that are individually sealed and packaged. Food items must be nut-free.
  • There are no refrigerators. Anything you bring will need to be kept at room temperature.
  • The rooms are small and there is not a lot of extra storage space for food. Bring only what you need.
  • Be sure to wrap items tightly so crumbs and left-over snacks don’t attract insects or ants. 
  • Be sure to discard your trash frequently.
  • Consider refillable water bottles rather than a case of water.


  • Casual clothes
  • Sports clothes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Rain jacket or umbrella
  • Hat or sun visor
  • Sunglasses


  • For females: ​black skirt or pants (skirt must be below the knee); ​white ​blouse: ​black ​shoes; ​stockings.
  • For males: ​black ​trousers, ​white dress ​shirts (long or short sleeve);​long, ​dark ​tie; ​black ​shoes; black ​socks.


For the safety of all campers, no medications (prescription or over-the-counter) may be kept in the dorm rooms. All medications (including vitamins) must be given to the counselors on check-in day.

When packing medication to bring to camp, please follow these policies:

1.  Pack up any medications in a resealable plastic bag clearly marked with the students name.

2.  Include a sheet of the most current dosing information inside the bag as well.

3.  Provide ample mediation for the entire duration of camp.

4.  Ensure that the medications have actually been given to the counselor on the first day of camp.

Remember to pick up your leftover medications on check-out day.

Medical-Related I​ssues

As part of the required forms for all campers, the Medication History and Information form (PDF) must be completed and returned by all campers when registering.


UVF requires that all students provide proof of medical insurance (or Military ID) in order to participate in the camp. If your family does not have health insurance, you will be required to sign a waiver stating the family will be responsible for all medical costs incurred during camp. Please contact the Music Department Office at 610.917.3954.


If there is a medical emergency, the local Urgent Care facility or the Phoenixville Hospital will be utilized. 


If your son or daughter has an ongoing medical condition (diabetes, seizures, Chrone’s, etc.) or has a history of other ailments, eating disorders, depression, suicidal tendencies, please alert our administration and their camp counselor when you check-in and make sure that your child knows to alert an adult immediately if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms.


For the safety of all campers, no medications (prescription or over-the-counter) may be kept in the dorm rooms. All medications (including vitamins) must be given to the camp staff or counselors on check-in day.  

For minor ailments, such as headaches, upset stomach, fatigue, insect bites, etc., parents have the option of allowing our camp staff to administer common medications. These medications include Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, Immodium, Hydrocortison Cream, and Antihistimines. A form is required in the registration ​forms packet for parents to state what medications may be administered by camp staff. If you do not want for camp staff to administer these common medications, your child will only receive them by going to an Urgent Care facility or the Phoenixville Hospital for treatment.

The UVF camp staff will assist in administering daily prescription medications to the students as directed by the child’s physician but they are not responsible for ensuring that your child takes their medication. It is the parent’s responsibility to:

1.  Provide exact dosage information on the medical information form.

2.  Provide us with updates and/or changes to prescription medications usage or dosage upon their arrival.

3.  Provide ample medication at the start of camp.

4.  Ensure that the medications have actually been given to the ​staff on the first day of camp. Please visit our page on Packing for more details about how to pack your medications.

The Summer Music Camp reserves the right to contact parents if the student is not taking the medication as directed.