Italy Study Tour

  • Date: March 04, 2016 March 04, 2016 - March 15, 2016
Italy Study Tour

Travel to Italy and Receive Credit

Italy Study TourThe University of Valley Forge is pleased to announce the Italy study tour that will run concurrently with the Concert Choir’s visit to Italy during Spring Break 2016. We will visit cities such as Venice and Florence, and Padua. The study tour will take us to many places of historical significance such as St. Peter’s Basilica - not only significant to a billion Catholics around the world but also to non-Catholics because it was financing its construction that lay at the root of the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther. Other sites include the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and Milvian Bridge, the site where the Emperor Constantine received his vision which would change the course of Western civilization as well as church history.

Participants who are selected for this study tour enroll in a 3-credit course entitled Italian Civilization: Ancient Rome to the Present, designed to prepare them for the visit and to better appreciate and understand the significance of the sites visited. This course may substitute for other required courses (i.e. FNA/HIS/BIB/NWT/THE. See Dr. Di Giacomo for more details). Please note that space for this study tour is limited to 15 students. Prayerfully consider being part of this marvelous opportunity. Come back often to this site for more news about the trip.


For more information contact Dr. Michael Di Giacomo

Study Tour Application 2016

Important Deadlines

- September 25, 2015: last day to submit the Italy Study Tour application.

- October 12, 2015: Confirmation sent to students of acceptance into the study tour.

- October 16, 2015: The student confirms his/her intent to go on the trip with a $100 deposit.