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70th Annual Commencement

by Office of Marketing | May 08, 2009
The 70th Annual Commencement exercises took place on Friday, May 8, 2009, in the Main Chapel at Valley Forge Christian College. One hundred and fifty-seven graduates received their diploma, including Rev. Richard Gruber, the first to graduate from the VFCC School of Graduate Studies. Rev. Gruber earned a Master's of Arts degree in Christian Leadership. 

The 2009 graduation speaker, retired Admiral Vernon Clark, challenged the grads to trust God as He opens doors to their future. Admiral Clark assured the graduates, "God has a calling for you, a specific plan for your life." He described the world into which they were entering as not trouble free. But he also noted that this generation "simply asks for a chance to make a difference." Graduates were encouraged to step up as it is now their turn to lead. Every generation faces challenges and with those challenges come opportunity to serve. In closing, Admiral Clark shared that three things matter most. He challenged the graduates to answer three questions; who are you, what do you believe and where are you going. In answering those questions we will find direction for our lives.