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Fourth Annual Photo Contest

by Office of Marketing | Mar 01, 2014
Photography Contest

In the Spring of 2014, Valley Forge Christian College held its fourth annual photo contest. We asked students to submit images that captured VFCC's six core values. The photographs were composed and judged on architectural design, angles, color, metaphors, symbolism and literal or abstract design. Entries were also evaluated on composition, depth of field, exposure, and the ability to evoke feeling and emotion to tell a story.

  • Category 1: We believe in God
  • Category 2: We prepare for the future
  • Category 3: We care for others
  • Category 4: We embrace community
  • Category 5: We affirm the dignity of all people
  • Category 6: We serve with creativity and excellence
A panel of five judges also based their judging on originality, technical excellence, creative and artistic merit, and adherence to the categories. 

The panel was made up of the following judges: 

Kim Clark - Photography Professor  
Michelle Maloney - Director of Marketing 
Steve Thurston - Associate Director of Marketing 
Doug Smith - Graphic Designer 
Jeanne Lockner - Marketing Assistant



Olivia Birkhimer
Caption: During life's journey, we all come to a place where we must answer the question, What's Next?



Matthew Kalapuch
Category: We Serve with Creativity & Excellence
Caption: There is beauty all around us, we just need to open our eyes to it. This is a building I found while shooting a timelapse in Philadelphia.


Leah Hartensveld

Category: We Affirm the Dignity of All People
Caption: This little boy was one of the hundreds of kids that we ministered to in the Himalayan mountains.


Olivia Birkhimer
Category: We Prepare for the Future
Caption: During life's journey, we all come to a place where we must answer the question, What's Next?


Bethany Jenkins
Category: We Care for Others
Caption: I met this man living on the streets of the Paharganj, New Delhi, India. He is a kind hearted man who cares for others and makes his living by making and shining shoes for next to nothing. He only has a few teeth, but smiles at everyone anyway. Phill. 2:4


Jean Yves Dushime
Category: We Believe in God
Caption: "No matter how much God’s creatures (man included) wither away, by His Grace, God can still shine His light through us, nourish us and renew us so we can bear fruit in the next season." Photo taken at Valley Forge National Park.


John DeFay
Category: We Believe in God
Caption: I took this picture to communicate how the essence of the cross is in all of God's creation and that nature mirrors God's heart in every way.


John DeFay
Category: We Embrace Community
Caption: This picture was taken with some of the best friends I have. We all lit sky lanterns and watched them take off. This is my community that I've had all my life, and they've given me a true sense of belonging.


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