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Professor Warms Up Cold Cases

by Office of Marketing | Mar 24, 2014
Kenneth Lang
Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) has announced a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice will be offered with the start of the Fall 2014 semester. Program Director Kenneth Lang joins VFCC with remarkable accomplishments that we are excited to share. Among a vast array of awards, educational achievements, certifications and book publications in the true crime genre, Lang has also been granted membership in the Consulting Committee of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC).
AISOCC is a non-profit professional organization that reviews cold cases (those crimes whose investigative leads have been exhausted and are not the subject of recent examination) free of charge. It seeks “to actively investigate unsolved cold cases and assist law enforcement and the victims’ families in their quest for truth and justice by using factual scientific evidence and applied forensic criminological means in order to hold the responsible party(s) accountable.”
The AISOCC Consulting Committee, to which Lang was appointed, is made up of the absolute best investigators, professionals and educators within the criminal justice field. For 24 years, Lang served in Maryland law enforcement and was primarily responsible for the investigation of violent crimes (i.e. rapes, robberies and murders). Fifteen of those years were spent with the prestigious Baltimore County Police Department as a detective.
All members of the AISOCC bring their own unique skill set to each cold case investigation. From former and current FBI criminal profilers to cold case detectives and everything in between, AISOCC relies on the expertise of the best consultants. Lang was personally invited to join the committee by AISOCC President Kenneth Mains because of his extensive background in criminal investigation and experience as a forensic artist (especially in skull reconstruction and composite drawing, which he studied at Quantico with the FBI in 2002).
“I am beside myself that they asked me,” said Lang, “but I’m really honored and thankful that they did … and I’m looking forward to speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” He continued by saying, “Joining Valley Forge and being able to teach … will continue to allow me a way to ensure justice for those who are perishing.”
Lang is pleased to bring the same unique skills that he brings to AISOCC to the classrooms of VFCC. Over his two decades of experience, he has learned that “there are different ways to approach an investigation … you have to calculate what effect your tactics will have on the investigation.” Lang looks forward to training students of Criminal Justice in thinking critically and analytically about crimes and to “develop them into crime scene investigators and have them work through the scenes.” 

Using his familiarity with criminal situations, Lang plans to educate students with mock crime scenes and imitation trials. Furthermore, he will offer his insight as a person of faith in the field of law enforcement. Knowing that criminal justice can be risky and difficult, Lang will share his perspective on prayer for wisdom and protection. From first-hand experience, he recounts, “I don’t know how many times listening to that ‘still, small voice’ has saved my life.”
The Criminal Justice program at VFCC offers a foundation in criminal law, legal procedures, criminal evidence and criminology – all from a unique Christian perspective. Areas of study include law enforcement, courtroom, and corrections. Upper-level courses will also focus on criminal justice systems, with additional instruction in areas such as criminalistics, victimology, and computer forensics. Prospective students and interested parties are encouraged to visit our Criminal Justice page for more information, and are welcome to contact Ken Lang ( with questions.