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Curtain Call Fulfills Great Expectations

by Office of Marketing | Apr 28, 2014
Great Expectations
During the final weekend in March, Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” premiered on campus in the form of a two-act play. VFCC’s student drama community, known as Curtain Call, staged an impressive performance of this landmark piece of Victorian literature (as dramatized by Robert Johanson) in Krempels Theater.
“Great Expectations” tells the story of an English orphan named Pip, who has been apprenticed to the blacksmith trade in Kent, but dreams of becoming a gentleman in London. Through unexpected and mysterious circumstances, he finds himself under the endowment of an anonymous benefactor – living the life he always wanted. In this gripping tale of crime, guilt, revenge and reward, compelling characters include a fearsome convict, a young woman whose beauty is excelled only by her haughtiness and a jilted bride with a cold heart.
Even the extravagant set elements and remarkable staging did not overshadow the performances of certain actors and actresses. Senior Tyler White stepped into the lead role in a remarkable fashion – embodying the humble, naïve and compassionate nature of Pip. Sophomore Jon Zahradnik also proved to be an apt casting decision, as he took on the character of Uncle Pumblechook with excellence.
“Great Expectations” also featured members of the Renaissance Academy theater program, who stepped up to the challenge of performing with Curtain Call to portray the plot’s younger characters. Most notable was the performance from high school freshman Cole Geissler, who played Young Pip with gripping emotive skill.

“This is an intricate production,” said student assistant director Randy Stegner, “and it has a lot of facets. … Everyone involved has spent many hours in the theater, but it has been worth it. Ultimately, all the glory goes to God because without Him, none of this would have been possible. He gave us the strength when we were tired and the direction when we were lost. I am so proud of all the work that everyone has done, but we all agree that Great Expectations is God’s show.”

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