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A Message of Hope to the Broken

by Office of Marketing | Jun 20, 2014
David & Beth Grant
Never underestimate the power of hope in the darkest of places. Even a life that has been used, broken and abused can find a new beginning through the hope and power of the gospel.

This is the message Reverend David and Dr. Beth Grant shared during their visit to Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) this past spring. Together, they founded Project Rescue, an organization that provides physical, emotional and spiritual restoration for women and children who have been exploited in the sex slave industry. It also provides counseling, medical treatment and vocational training. The goal of the organization is to help victims begin a new life with a new means to support themselves and to create a foundation based on Jesus and the gospel. Several sites are located in Europe and Asia.

David and Beth travel around the world, primarily India, in a fight against human trafficking. They share their vision and passion for the cause with anyone who will listen. For David, these injustices can be fought not just by groups and organizations. He says, “Whatever God calls you to ... He can use you in different ways. This is for everyone.”

Unfortunately, sex trafficking and slavery continue to expand. The market is growing, with more women and children being deceived and kidnapped into a living nightmare. Amidst this tragedy, there is change. God is changing the lives of the victims, the parties responsible and the Project Rescue workers and volunteers. Seeing the difference that Jesus, His love and His power make encourages the Grants to keep going. “You’re compelled because you see the change,” Beth said.

The Grants want to help others understand the horrific tragedy of sexual slavery, even those who have never had any contact with it. They have written two books, “Beyond the Soiled Curtain” and “Beyond the Shame.” The books are meant to help others become aware of the grave injustice of human trafficking and remember that hope is real. In Beth's words, “This is why the church exists. To reach out to those who are most broken, those who have been exploited the most. There is hope, but it has to come from Christ.”

The books are also meant to help people understand the behind-the-scenes dynamics of sexual slavery and how to join the fight against it. Beth’s new book, “Courageous Compassion,” will be published this fall. A collection of stories, she shares biblical insights and explores how, like Jesus, “it takes a bold compassion to bless, restore and empower those whom the powerful view as weaker and less important.”

VFCC students believe in both the message and objective of Project Rescue, while supporting the ministry in several ways. Bless with a Dress is an annual VFCC event that raises money and awareness of the global crisis of human trafficking by donating clothing and hosting a fashion show. Another VFCC ministry, Inspire India, raises funds by selling original student paintings. All proceeds from these ministries go to Project Rescue. Members of Inspire India presented the Grants with a donation of $4,500 during their visit to VFCC in the spring.