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New Professor of Youth Ministry

by Office of Marketing | Jun 20, 2014
Rev. Adam SikorskiWhen Rev. Adam Sikorski started out as an urban environment youth pastor, he never imagined a career in higher education. He knew that God had given him a passion for teaching young people and watching them discover life in Christ. What Sikorski did not realize was that his passion would ultimately lead to influential positions in higher education that allow him to impact more youth than he could have ever imagined.

“We all get what I call a ‘jigsaw-puzzle calling,’” said Sikorski. “We thought we knew the picture, but then God adds pieces we didn’t expect.”

For Sikorski, his calling seemed to point to professional ministry among inner-city youth. However, everything changed when he was approached with a full-time opportunity to pastor university students. Upon accepting the position, Sikorski went on to gain insight into contemporary college culture by spending six years ministering to young scholars — first in Chicago, then near Bloomington, Ill.

A few years later he was approached by the leadership of SUM Bible College in Oakland, Calif., and asked to help increase enrollment through its nationwide cohorts. As assistant U.S. cohort director, Sikorski helped SUM expand its number of cohort programs from 15 to 30. He was also involved in the academic endeavors of the college. As a youth specialist and adjunct faculty member, Sikorski developed curriculum for all youth courses, provided leadership for the youth department, oversaw practicums and taught a number of courses in biblical studies and applied theology.

Sikorski will be joining the academic community of VFCC as its Professor of Youth Ministry this fall. As an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God Illinois District, he is excited to bring 13 years of professional youth experience and 21 years of pastoral experience to our classrooms.

“I try to teach from a very practical nature,” said Sikorski. When teaching future youth ministers, he tends to emphasize applied theology — exploring both theory and fact, as well as providing lessons from personal experiences. For Sikorski, education in youth ministry should be about training students for effective service and discovering how the Church can improve.

“I’m excited about this group of young people,” he continued, “about working with people that are called to youth ministry and really want to make a difference … . And I don’t know everything there is to know! I can still learn within this community. Collaboration always forms valuable perspectives on youth ministry.” Sikorski is excited about investing in the lives of future leaders and preparing them to go into ministry with the same passions that motivated him.