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Alumna's Album Available Globally

by Office of Marketing | Jul 30, 2014
Vanessa Duncan '14
Vanessa Duncan ’14 was a model student in the Department of Music. While completing the music performance (contemporary track) degree program in three years, she became extensively involved in extracurricular activities, especially traveling worship teams. Her experiences equipped her to showcase a variety of skills at her senior recital, perfected by her time in the classroom and on stage. 
Over the course of the 90-minute recital, Duncan performed four original songs, as well as a collection of vocal jazz pieces (the genre in which she enjoys singing most). She did this with the support of a hired band, which included professional musicians and student peers. “I was really excited with how it turned out,” said Duncan, as she reflected on the process of performing with her friends one last time.
Student collaboration also played a vital role in the development of her new EP, "Here is Where." Though all four songs were written by Duncan (one in cooperation with her younger sister), fellow students helped record and produce the album as well as create the cover art for the album. The songs display the teamwork that went into them, as Josh Howard, a former VFCC student and competitor on ABC's "The Voice," joined Duncan on the final track. “This really was a Valley Forge group project!” she said.
After a year of aligning schedules, brainstorming and planning, the "Here is Where" EP hit the shelves on May 1. Through Discmakers, Duncan was able to distribute her music in hard copy and digital formats — using online music services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and CD Baby.
The first thing listeners might notice is that the music does not bear Duncan’s given name. Hovering over her portrait on the album cover is the word "Jane" — Duncan’s stage name. She explains that the name was chosen because of her affinity for Charlotte Brontë’s "Jane Eyre," which Duncan considers her first real encounter with literature. “To me, Jane has always stood as a heroic symbol of strength, love, hope, beauty, courage and confidence,” said Duncan, “and I want to stand for those classic ideals in the music industry.”
As a result of the recital and the album, Duncan has learned a great deal about being an artist. She has found that, whether or not an album is played on national radio, the music can make an impact. Duncan has received a good deal of feedback concerning the positive influence that her album has had so far. Regarding her senior recital and work while collaborating and producing "Here is Where," Duncan said, “I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to do this as a part of my degree track!” She counts it a privilege and a blessing to have studied and begun her professional development at VFCC.