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Brubaker Publishes Essay for Compilation

by Office of Marketing | Feb 27, 2015
Malcolm Brubaker, Ph.D.

The University of Valley Forge (UVF) celebrates with faculty member, Malcolm Brubaker, Ph.D., his essay titled, Strategizing in the Spirit in Time of War: The Assemblies of God 1943 Missionary Conference. The essay was published within a collection of essays written in honor of Assemblies of God (AG) educators, Stanley M. Burgess and Ruth V. Burgess. The collection, "Children of the Calling: Essays in Honor of Stanley M. Burgess and Ruth V. Burgess" includes 17 essays that cover the academic interests of friends and students who considered these AG educators to be an inspiration. 

Stanley and Ruth Burgess taught at Evangel, Missouri State University and Regent University. During his time as an undergraduate at Evangel and later while studying for his doctoral degree at Regent, Dr. Brubaker looked to Stanley Burgess as his academic advisor. The couple also played a major role in influencing his doctoral dissertation topic: AG missionary history of North India.    

His essay covers the 1943 gathering of AG missionaries after being called home to the United States from their fields due to World War II. At the time, Noel Perkin was the national missionary director. He called the missionaries together for a three-day meeting to be held at Central Bible Institute in Springfield, Mo. The missionaries shared personal stories of hope and great struggle from their time on the mission field. They discussed their challenges and victories with one another as they reflected on the Pentecostal mandate to spread the Gospel. They spoke with hope about the work to be done after the war was over and collaborated on ideas and visions for success in the future. According to Brubaker, “Some of their ideas were never realized; some were implemented; some were fulfilled in later decades. But the seed-thought of coordination and strategizing was firmly planted in the hearts and minds of Assemblies of God people.”

"Children of the Calling" was edited by Eric N. Newberg and Lois E. Olena ’84, and is available here.