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UVF Celebrates 55th Flag Addition

by Office of Marketing | Apr 29, 2015
55th Flag - Egypt
On April 14, 2015, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) celebrated its 55th flag addition. The flag was presented during the weekly missions chapel in honor of Ashley Blocker ’12. Blocker graduated from UVF with a major in early childhood education and is now a kindergarten teacher at an international school in Egypt.
Over the past few years, UVF has added a number of flags to its grand collection. President Don Meyer, Ph.D., is always thrilled to receive a new flag. On this particular occasion, he enthusiastically read a letter Blocker had sent to the UVF body concerning her work in Egypt. She addressed the entire campus in her letter, so it was fitting to read the letter publicly.
After attending a mission trip with her home church in 2005, Blocker felt the Lord calling her to missions. She took the summer to pray and seek counsel from her mom about where the Lord might call her. She attended UVF with the knowledge that she would eventually go overseas, but she still had no idea where God would send her. For Blocker, it was hard to persevere with her studies without knowing all the answers, but she trusted that the plan would be revealed in time. Blocker encouraged students who may be in the same situation to go on a mission trip to see what God was doing around the world and learn how He might use them. She also spoke to those whose callings had already been revealed to them saying, “Spend this time to not only learn about your field, but also about the great God you will continue to serve.” Her wise words spoke volumes about what God had taught her. “You’ll have times of struggle,” says Blocker, “You’ll have times of fear. The foundation you build now will be what sustains you.”
In 2006, Blocker went on a mission trip with her cousin to Egypt. It was on this two- month trip that she sincerely heard the Lord tell her, “Here,” though she still did not know how God’s plans would unfold. In 2011, Blocker ventured to the school in Egypt where her cousin was teaching. Soon after, in 2012, Blocker applied for a position at the school and was offered the job. She has now been serving for nearly three years in Egypt and was surprised to hear that UVF did not yet have a chapel flag for Egypt. Blocker shared her heart for the nation of Egypt saying that it is “an area that so desperately needs the light of Jesus to shine.” She has had an opportunity to teach and work with a number of individuals from various nations, including Korea, Australia, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil and England. About 70 percent of the students Blocker teaches are children of missionaries. “I am happy that the Egyptian flag will be hanging in the Flower Chapel,” says Blocker. “It is a constant reminder to pray for the nation of Egypt and the hearts being reached.”
Before formally presenting the flag, President Meyer inclusively addressed the students in an uplifting way. “This is a reminder for all of us that these flags represent not just church vocational ministry majors, but any of our majors that we have who are serving the kingdom of God in whatever role around the world.” The Executive Committee of the Missions Committee presented the flag on stage as Michaela Bawl, student president of the Missions Committee closed the ceremony with a powerful prayer for Blocker’s ministry in Egypt.