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A Legacy Remembered

by Sarah Cushing - Office of Marketing | Dec 03, 2015
Carrión Day
On Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) welcomed representatives from the Assemblies of God (AG) Spanish Eastern District to its Phoenixville campus to honor the late Dr. Adolfo Carrión Sr., and recognize the district’s gift for an endowment to the university in his honor.

The Spanish Eastern District created The Adolfo Carrión Sr. Endowment Fund to aid future Spanish Eastern District students who will attend UVF. “This gift will support scholarships for deserving students at the university for generations to come,” Executive Vice President Dan Mortensen, Ph.D., said.

Representatives from the Spanish Eastern District, and UVF Board of Trustees members Rev. Virginia Maldonado and Rev. Manuel Alvarez spoke during chapel. As the Spanish Eastern District Director of Education, Maldonado played an instrumental role in creating the endowment of $25,000 to keep Carrión's memory and legacy alive. Spanish Eastern District Superintendent Alvarez mentioned how the endowment will benefit those who both knew or did not know Carrión. “I think it will be an honor, privilege and a moment of celebration no matter the amount,” he said.

Tuesday offered a dual celebration. UVF President Don Meyer, Ph.D., said, “The purpose of our chapel service this morning is to give special recognition to not only the Spanish Eastern District but also to one of the most distinguished leaders in the Assemblies of God fellowship, Dr. Adolfo Carrión Sr.” Carrión passed away on Sept. 5, 2014, at 79 years old.Carrión was one of the most influential, committed and motivated leaders in the AG. He served as superintendent of the Spanish Eastern District for nearly 40 years and later as superintendent emeritus. He was the treasurer for The Council of Churches of the City of New York and a founding chairman of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition. He increased the district in New York from 47 congregations to more than 360 congregations.

Carrión organized the AG District of Puerto Rico and the Southeastern Spanish District of Florida, now the Florida Multicultural District. He also served as a member of the UVF Board of Trustees from 1997–1998 and was one of the interviewers Meyer first met when he arrived on campus to serve as president in 1997.

Elisa, his wife, and two of the Carrión children, Elizabeth Stevens and Adolfo Carrión Jr., attended the event. The younger Carrión served as New York City's Bronx Borough president from 2001–2009, then went on to accept a position as the first Urban Affairs czar during newly elected President Barack Obama’s first term. The younger Carrión shared fond memories of his father. “He had a very special place in his heart for Valley Forge,” he said. “He knew that if we invested in a place like this and if we put effort behind this, we would cultivate the kinds of leaders that the world needs today and going forward,” he said.

Stevens hopes that students remember her father as representing "folks that come from simple backgrounds and heed God's call." Referring to UVF and how her father felt about the university she said, "It is grounded in striving to grow in all of the academic disciplines without compromising academic integrity while, at the same time, having a solid theological partnership that undergirds that journey of growth intellectually."

Elisa was her husband's pillar, guide and friend. She supported him and kept their home together throughout his entire ministry. At the end of the day, Elisa mentioned how much she and her husband loved the University of Valley Forge and that he would have been overjoyed from the day's events.