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The Servanthood of Our Volunteers

by Sarah Cushing and Jessiah Hulle - University Communications | Oct 07, 2016
RVers 2016
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) would like to thank this year's U.S. Mission America Placement Service Retired Volunteer (MAPS RVer) missionaries for their dedicated work the last few months. In the beginning of the summer, the RVers arrived on the UVF campus, ironically so, in their personal RVs where they lived during their time on campus. During their stay at UVF, they helped the Sodexo maintenance crew with building renovations, maintenance and construction; many also assisted UVF staff departments with important office work. This year, their renovation work was focused on the student center expansion. Fifteen missionaries volunteered their time, skills and resources to create and prepare new space designated for UVF students. The student center expansion will bless current and future UVF students as well as the campus as a whole. 

The RVer construction teams, led by Dave Maracle, concentrated the bulk of their work on building and refurbishing the new area adjacent to the Anvil student center, where the former music rehearsal room was located. It was in that space, formerly room 131, where RVer teams ripped out carpet, drywall and ceiling tiles, and relocated cabinetry and risers to the new music rehearsal space and classroom in Capeci Hall. In the commuter lounge, the teams helped construct new walls and windows, and added a door for the the new restrooms. Additionally, RVers replaced the roof and worked on installing new insulation, outlets, and motion detectors in and around the student center, as well as replacing lights.

RVers also helped with preliminary wall construction for the new Student Government Association (SGA) office, Patriot Store, and the new corridor and openings between the Anvil student center and Flower Chapel. Upon completion, the resultant expansion will house a ping pong table, billiards, televisions and expanded seating. With much of the construction work finished over the summer, the new expansion is currently scheduled for an October 21 grand opening during Homecoming. Students will step into the building this fall knowing that the hard work behind the construction was made by the RVers who genuinely love and support the university and its mission. 

Construction was not the only job of the RVers, however. Many also helped with maintenance, touching up and painting hallways and windows around campus. Some RVers served in administrative positions as well, with many of the women helping in various offices. Linda Maracle was especially instrumental in helping the Office of the Registrar keep up with the summer workload.  

In an annual tradition to honor the hard work of the RVers, an accolades ceremony was held at the end of the summer, officiated by Rick Werkheiser, director of facilities. Special patches and pins were handed out to all the RVers. Werkheiser said of the patches, “Every time RVers visit any site they are presented a patch that corresponds with the place they have served.” Additionally, special UVF pins were given out to RVers who had served for one, five, 10, 15 and 20 years, respectively. U.S. MAPS volunteers proudly wear these patches and pins on the distinct red vests of the ministry to show the places where they have served.

UVF continues to thank God for the care and devotion that the U.S. MAPS RVer ministry brings every summer to the campus. These individuals' hard work, dedication to selfless volunteering and love for the school have been a major part of shaping what the university has become. 

Thank you to the following RVers who volunteered at UVF this summer:

Dave and Linda Maracle from Massachusetts 
Buzz and Joni Dunnells from South Carolina
Dan and Diane Earnest from New Jersey
Al and Pat Reynolds from Texas
Butch and Kathy Mason from Kentucky
Harold and Brenda Lewis from Ohio
Lee and Connie Fromm from Ohio
Eliza Morse from New Jersey