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Spring Break Missions Trips

by Office of Marketing | Apr 30, 2013
During spring break 2013, a number of VFCC students and staff members participated in missions trips around the world. As these people gave up vacation time to serve the Lord on an international scale, teams were sent to multiple locations on three different continents (including trips to India, Albania and Macedonia, Greece, South Dakota, Trinidad and Nicaragua).
The team that was sent to Nicaragua consisted of 13 students and two staff members. For ten days they partnered with Metanoia Missions, serving with missionaries Eric and Shana Ferguson. The participants ministered in local churches, communities, schools, a center in the middle of a remote village, a pastors' retreat, a Bible school and several orphanages.
Another team travelled to Wanblee, S.D. – ministering on the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Lakota Sioux Tribe. While on the Reservation, they partnered with missionaries Gus and Terry Craven and their congregation (Eagle Nest Life Center). Outreach activities included service at Eagle Nest Life Center and the schools of Pine Ridge Reservation.
In Trinidad, Patriots led a five-day outreach. VFCC students Joe Kivala, Chris Stutzman and Asa Apprey preached at three of the five outreach services. The team also hosted a baptism service on the beach in partnership with a local church; in doing so, mission participants were able to celebrate new lives in Christ in a unique setting. Furthermore, the team employed door-to-door evangelism and met with people in the community throughout the week.
Seven students were able to participate in a mission trip to Thessaloniki, Greece where they served with local missionaries. It is illegal to evangelize in Greece, so the team was asked to not mention the word “missions.” Therefore, the ministry resorted to relational evangelism – allowing Jesus Christ to speak through actions. The team was able to minister in two universities, in the city in conjunction with A21 Campaign (which combats human trafficking) and at a Romany gypsy camp (a group that is discriminated against and marginalized).
Similar ministry occurred with the team that travelled to Albania and Macedonia with VFCC Missionary-in-Residence, Gary Gallina, and his wife Michele. VFCC students engaged local university students via relational ministry; in addition, they served churches, kids' programs and more.
Perhaps one of the most unique trips was the one that occurred in the Himalayan Mountains. A team of VFCC students and staff traveled to northern India and hiked some of the world’s most rugged terrain to deliver the Gospel to remote (and often unreached) villages. They were able to witness and pray for the lost, the sick and the oppressed – including one woman who was demonically possessed.
In summary, members of the VFCC family traveled around the world last month to embrace the difficult task of worldwide evangelization. Students and staff ministered on an extraordinary scale during spring break, carrying the love of Jesus Christ to many corners of the globe.

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