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Curtain Call Honors the Past

by Office of Marketing | Dec 05, 2013

Curtain Call, the theater group at Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC), gave tremendous performances this October. For two consecutive weekends, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” was showcased in Krempels Theater. Student co-directors, Loren Metallo and Chris McNaney, proudly led the cast in a successful presentation of this world famous sketch-musical hybrid.
In “All I Really Need to Know," a play based on Robert Fulghum’s bestselling collection of essays, the audience was treated to a comical and heartwarming look at the profound moments of everyday life. The play itself is to drama what anthologies are to literature – a compilation of short stories, or skits, that circle the same central meaning. From social interaction to spirituality, this production offers insight on some of the most common situations with very uncommon perspectives.
“All I Really Need to Know” has a special place in Curtain Call's heart. After the student drama community at VFCC was established in 2003, this play was presented as their first production – standing as a clear landmark in the group’s history. As VFCC celebrates its 75th Anniversary, Curtain Call paid tribute to its 10 years of theatrical performances with a re-creation of the play that started it all.
The five on-stage cast members (Maranatha Purring, Mylove Isaac, Randy Stegner, Dane Duncan and Yolanda Alvarez) made this presentation of “All I Really Need to Know” a unique one. Rather than portraying the scripted characters, each stood as him or herself – sharing personal experiences of lessons learned in life. Curtain Call member Randy Stegner explained, “The actors in this production are not portraying original characters anymore than the audience is portraying the original set of spectators … they may not have written the script, but they have learned the lessons.”