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Mwamba Children's Choir

by Office of Marketing | Dec 05, 2013

Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) was recently blessed by a heartwarming Chapel service when the Flower Chapel was filled with the song and dance of Mwamba Children’s Choir – a group of twelve children, ranging from 8-15 years old, all the way from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda in the heart of East Africa.
Mwamba Children’s Choir is a branch of I Am Children’s Family, a ministry that seeks to feed the hungry, care for the needy and house orphaned or abandoned children. The choir gives the children the opportunity to cultivate talents and change lives with music.

Mwamba, which means “rock” in Swahili, acts as a support for children of the I Am Children’s Family home. The choir creates awareness about the orphans and underprivileged children by fundraising and establishing relationships with organizations that are willing to facilitate (whether through prayer or contribution) the ministry’s dream of building a self-sustainable community for the children.
On October 29, Mwamba Children's Choir arrived on campus for a very special Missions Chapel, performing at an institution of higher education for the first time in the organization's five-year history. This stop in Phoenixville was a part of the “Music Changes Lives Tour," which started on the west coast of the U.S. in April and came to an end on the east coast in late November.  Students and staff were blessed by a collection of songs that focused on the hope and salvation found in Christ, sung in eight different languages and accompanied by traditional African dance and percussion.
Numerous students and faculty expressed their appreciation of the performance, commenting that it was one of their favorite Chapel experiences; President Meyer even noted, “This will certainly be one of the highlights of our year.”
As an expression of gratitude and encouragement, the VFCC community of students and faculty donated over $700 to Mwamba Children’s Choir. If you would like to join with VFCC in the support of this ministry, or are simply interested in learning more, please visit You can also find their complete discography on that site and their latest album on iTunes.

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