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Alumnus Presents New Flag: Democratic Republic of Congo

by Office of Marketing | Feb 19, 2014
Flag from the Republic of Congo
Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC)  was honored to add a 53rd flag to the number of flags raised in Flower Chapel. In Chapel on January 28, 2014, President Don Meyer introduced alumnus Rachel DiTrolio ’10 via Skype video to present the newest flag representing the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she is currently serving as a missionary associate with the Assemblies of God (AG). 

DiTrolio is working alongside Pat and Suzanne Hurst, who have served as missionaries in Africa for nearly 25 years. Together with them, DiTrolio is currently serving the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo through a ministry teaching English and offering business classes to reach women for Christ, as well as to provide them with education in cottage-industry development.

Rachel DiTrolio is the oldest daughter of David '79 and Rosemarie '79 DiTrolio, AG missionaries in Paraguay for over 30 years. During her undergraduate years at VFCC, Rachel had hoped to use her major to help underprivileged children at home and abroad, and says now that she is constantly surprised at how God continues to orchestrate the pieces of her life, her passions and her dreams. 

Speaking in Chapel, DiTrolio referenced her grandfather, Samuel DiTriolio, Sr. '57, who served VFCC on the Board of Trustees and whose faith left an invaluable impact on the history of the college during a time of financial hardship. Today, he lends his name to one of the women's dorm buildings which honors his memory and contributions. Rachel said that God had “impacted his heart for mission in Africa,” and although he was never able to go, she feels that she has fulfilled his wish. 

“Not only does the flag represent the legacy towards mission that God began in my grandfather's life, but it carries on the legacy that VFCC instilled in me, to prepare me for leadership in the church and overseas,” DiTrolio said.

“When I was there, sitting in chapel, I would hear Dr. Meyer begin to count those flags, and the idea of going where no other alumni had gone before thrilled me,” DiTrolio said. She said she hoped the presentation of the flag brought honor to God, to her grandfather and to VFCC, and also that it would forever stand as a reminder of God’s faithfulness in her own life.

DiTrolio encouraged the students of VFCC to pray and consider a life of “Jesus-filled adventure in the wilds of Africa.”

“This place is huge, the need is overwhelming!” she said. “Don’t be a Jonah!”

VFCC is delighted to be the alma mater of alumni such as Rachel DiTrolio, whose life stands as a bold statement of God’s sovereign hand and the power of a godly legacy. We pray God’s richest blessings for her life and highly anticipate greater reports in the future God has for her.