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Professor Speaks at Society of Biblical Literature Meeting

by Charles Lucyk - Office of Marketing | Oct 29, 2015
Dr. Jerome Douglas
Professor Jerome Douglas, Ph.D., Church Ministries chair, spoke at the International Society of Biblical Literature meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this past summer. This was Douglas’ third time speaking at one of the society’s meetings.
The International Society of Biblical Literature, founded in 1880, is the oldest and largest society dedicated to studying the Bible through the lens of different academic disciplines. Douglas spoke on the figure of Moses and how he was portrayed through the oral history of ancient Mediterranean culture. He included additional biblical sources in order to better shape the portrayal of Moses and how he was seen through the eyes of antiquity. 
When asked about the atmosphere of the meeting, Douglas said, “Each one has its own flavor. It is an encouraging and sharpening thing to meet with people who are very active in the scholarly world.”