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UVF Presents Ghanaian Flag

by Charles Lucyk - Office of Marketing | Dec 03, 2015
Ghanaian Flag
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) presented a new flag during chapel on Thursday, Oct. 29, symbolizing the newest addition to the places around the world where a UVF alumnus bears witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mykel Klix '15 graduated with a degree in intercultural studies, and he almost immediately entered the mission field in Ghana.
The desire to travel overseas and declare the truth of God has always been on Klix's heart, and his story is one of faith and action. “It was surreal,” he said when asked about what it felt like to present a flag in chapel. “Since I was a freshman and first heard Dr. Meyer talk about the chapel flags and what they meant, something in my heart told me I was going to be able to present a flag,” he said. Klix’s desire for finding the lost is evident in how he speaks of his newfound home in Ghana. He continued, “It all has to do with saying, ‘Lord, I want to fulfill the Great Commission.’ It’s a privilege to be the first alumnus in Ghana.”

Klix attributed much of his encouragement to his time at Valley Forge. He claimed that the Intercultural Studies Department specifically, through God, empowered him to be able to go out and do the Lord’s work. He spoke highly of the multitude of student-led ministries on campus, and he pointed out that they were a large contributing factor to his desire to work in the mission field. “The University of Valley Forge has been put on the map to be a dominant force for the kingdom of God,” Klix said when asked about the university’s effectiveness in preparing him for his ministry overseas.
Klix made it clear that, though he was the first from UVF to travel to Ghana to spread the word, he strongly believes he will not be the last. He encourages others to continuously seek God in prayer and be open to movements of the spirit. He wants to specifically see UVF become involved in Ghana through short-term missions trips, and he made clear that there are a number of ways for students to get involved. Klix represents the fervent passion for the lost which the university has instilled in him. He has become an excellent example of the many alumni who have devoted their lives to expanding God’s kingdom.