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Curtain Call Performs "Make a Friend Find a Friend"

by Charles Lucyk - Office of Marketing | Jan 06, 2016
Make a Friend Find a Friend
This fall the University of Valley Forge’s Curtain Call student organization presented "Make a Friend, Find a Friend." The play introduces the audience to the life of a young boy with an overactive imagination. Stephen, the main character, appears borderline schizophrenic as he creates an imaginary friend with whom he continuously interacts. It is not until the boy finds a friend in reality that he is able to let go of the imaginary friend and truly find the companion for whom he has been so desperately searching.
The play, written by Paul Maar, an accomplished German author for children, attempts to address common issues faced by many during their youth. The cast of Curtain Call was able to capture the essence of adolescence throughout the play, as Stephen traversed through life with his fantasy counterpart fueling the imagination-driven scenes. Certain scenes had Stephen piloting a spacecraft through the outer reaches of the galaxy depicting the vast wealth of creative thought the main character had.
Laughter rolled out of the audience as Curtain Call brought their spectators back into the realm of childhood, allowing for a visit to a simpler time when the greatest evil in the world was a schoolyard bully. The humor behind the play was well balanced with the sympathy felt for Stephen, as he struggled through the trials commonly faced during childhood and adolescence.