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UVF Hires Full Time Digital Media Specialist

by Sarah Cushing - Office of Marketing | Sep 08, 2016
Tim Jackson
There is a new but familiar face in the digital media faculty office above the student center Anvil. Although he served as an instructor last year, Tim Jackson ’15 returned to campus as the new full time specialist in the Digital Media – Video Production program. Jackson will teach various courses including video production, directing and webcasting. As an educator, he wants his students to not only learn the theory of video production but also obtain the experience to produce. “One of my main focuses this year is to empower students and give them the tools, skills and abilities to go out and do video production for themselves,” he said. 
Jackson graduated from UVF with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media – Video Production and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Digital Media from UVF. He has years of experience producing and directing in and out of the classroom and in his last semester received the Most Captiv8ing Director award in the Captiv8 Film Festival in 2015.
Jackson’s time at UVF was spent balancing academics, student life and off campus opportunities. He was involved in clubs, intramural sports, served in leadership positions and graduated at the top of his class. Through all of that, he always knew what his focus was and what his future would be — digital media. He found others around him with a passion for video production that fueled his desire to learn everything he could.
As a student, Jackson was soon running the jib in chapel and later led the chapel production team almost daily. His professors and mentors, former professor Dan Derosiers ‘05, who helped launch the Digital Media Communications program, Doug Smith ’12, UVF media specialist, and Lee Bilotta, UVF associate professor and department chair, inspired him to work toward his career goals and provided the avenues that helped him gain experience over the years. “For me, one of the best things about being a student at UVF was the availability of outside opportunities — being able to go into the field and run the jib, direct live production, go out and learn how to run cables, set up cameras, pre production and post production,” he said.
Much of that field experience came as a result of UVF’s partnership with Creation Festivals. For four years, UVF’s Digital Media Production Team has provided the live video production for the Creation Northeast and Northwest Festivals. It was there that Jackson gained his first professional field experience with band performances. At Creation, Jackson has served as camera operator, video director and later co-led the media team with Smith. 

Jackson is determined to help prepare the next set of  UVF digital media students. “I want to do my best with the knowledge and the experience I do have, use it to the best of my ability and really pour into the students and encourage them just like I was encouraged,” he said. He is looking forward to how God will grow the university, the digital media program, the students and himself. "God brought me here and I'm so thankful," Jackson said. "I have loved it from the very beginning."