Intern's Videos Play On Baseball's Big Screens

by Office of Marketing | Jul 03, 2011
Since she was 11 years old, Courtney Baldwin has lived near Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles. But she never imagined that one day, videos that she made would be shown during games at that very park, viewed by tens of thousands of fans. In May 2011, Courtney found herself sitting behind the scenes of one of Major League Baseball's greatest teams, watching as her videos made their debut. 

Seeking to fulfill her Digital Media Communications internship requirement, Courtney was accepted as an intern for the Baltimore Orioles this past spring. Though intimidated at first, Courtney soon learned that the software she was expected to use was exactly what she used in her classes at Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC). Her supervisors were extremely impressed and began using her work right away. 

Courtney's responsibilities include mostly in-game production, but she is able to practice many different skills. "Anything I want to do, they let me do. They want me to be exposed to as much as I can because they know I'll need the experience in the field." 

Some days she finds herself on "Community Shoots" where she takes footage of a player interacting with people in the community, then comes back to edit for use in that night's game. She also takes footage from games and edits it for use in future videos, and creates Question/Answer videos with the players. When she stays for the games, she makes sure to sit in the control room so she can continue learning about production. "I've always been a football fan" Courtney says, "but now when I come home all I think about is baseball." 

Courtney expects to complete her internship at the end of August. She knows, however, that she will return to VFCC a more confident person and video editor, and that she is now even more prepared to go out into the field of digital media. She will also receive copies of all of her work so that her portfolio will be better than she ever expected it to be. The entire experience is invaluable. "I could not ask for anything better." 

As a Digital Media major, Courtney has had opportunities to be involved in the chapel production team, PennDel Youth Convention, the Thirst Conference, and specific classes to hone her skills. An Apple Certified Professional in Final Cut Pro Level One, she will graduate in December 2011.