Fallen Heroes

by Office of Marketing | Jul 24, 2011
Since being deployed to Afghanistan for the third time since September 11, 2001, Valley Forge Christian College's IT Director, Brian Swomley, and the other 100 National Guardsmen in the 131st Transportation Company, had a surreal reminder of the danger they face each day. 

A roadside bomb outside of Bagram killed three of their comrades, and wounded five others. The deceased were identified as Staff Sergeant Ken VanGiesen, 30, of Kane, Pa; Sergeant Brian Mowery, 49, of Halifax, Pa; and Sergeant Ed Koehler, 47, of Lebanon, Pa. The soldiers have been through rough times, but this devastation has been the worst of all, as these are the first casualties from their unit. 

Swomley emailed President Meyer with this prayer request. "Please pray for the families and friends of our fallen Heroes. Please also pray for the remaining soldiers of the 131st Transportation Company. Pray for comfort and peace in the face of the loss of our brothers. Pray for focus to complete our mission in the remaining months. Pray for protection through the rest of our deployment." 

Sad to receive this somber email, President Meyer responded to Swomley, "We pray that God's grace and comfort will minister to the families of these fallen Heroes. I simply do not have words that adequately express all that is going on within my heart for you and all of those soldiers who are with you. I am reminded of Psalm 62:8, 'Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.' We continue to stand and kneel with you, our dear friend."

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