VFCC Unveils Mobile Media Command Center

by Office of Marketing | Aug 08, 2011
Wondering what you saw rolling down the highway? 

Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) unveiled their mobile Media Command Center (mMCC) at the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Festival 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. It houses digital recording facilities with two sound isolated rooms that independently operate for multiple simultaneous performances. Powered by Digidesign and Presonus, the technology inside the mobile Media Command Center is some of the most advanced in the industry. 

The mMCC was used to record presentations of high school students from around the country. Worship teams, bands, and vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles recorded live tracks while their fans looked on. In just a matter of minutes, they walked away from the mMCC with a professional studio recording of what they had performed. In addition, students had a chance to receive great giveaways from sponsors, including Doug Gould, founder of Worship MD. Gould has served as a fantastic resource to secure equipment and giveaways from top level manufacturers such as Presonus, D'Addario, Planet Waves, Korg and Pro-Mark, Pearl, Evans and Jam Hub. Gould was instrumental in assisting the college in supplementing VFCC's investment in this project. 

VFCC's brand new mMCC, a 48-foot semi-trailer outfitted with state-of-the-art digital recording equipment and instructional space, has been the brain child of Lee Bilotta, Assistant Professor of Music, for several years. With the support of Digital Media Professor, Dan Desrosiers, the team was able to bring to reality the concept that ultimately became the new mMCC. 

Over the summer, Bilotta, Desrosiers, and a small team of dedicated faculty, staff, students, and one special Retired Volunteer transformed the empty white trailer into a one-of-a-kind space filled with opportunity. The team renovated every inch inside the trailer, adding insulation, a ceiling, flooring, paint, lights and a soundproof music recording room. Don Lippmann, a Retired Volunteer, was an immense help, donating hours of service to install all of the electrical work. He and his wife, Olive, have been coming to the campus for many years to donate their time. This year, they also become major financial donors of the unique project. 

VFCC also wishes to thank the following volunteers, whom without their invaluable help, this project would not have been possible: Doug Smith, Sean Day, Alicia Desrosiers, Ben Franco, Frankie Fusco and Karen Smith. Other contributors include staff Graphic Designer, Brian Lee, Director of Alumni Services, Kristie Overly, and Integrated Promotions owner, Chris May. VFCC is also grateful for driver, Mike Baronsky and the Pneuma and Chosen ministry team students that helped load the mMCC for its trip to National Fine Arts Festival. 

While at General Council, the mMCC operated in place of VFCC's customary Fine Arts music recording studio. It provided more space for larger instruments and ensembles, and offered an incomparable experience for musicians. 

The mMMC will also be used for VFCC's Summer Technology Tour, which will make its debut in the summer of 2012. During this two-day Audio Technology and Video Production event, church audio engineers, video technicians, and worship leaders will gain hands-on experience to benefit their ministries. 

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