VFCC Student Writes a New Kind of Fairytale

by Office of Marketing | Dec 07, 2011
If it weren't for God's prompting and a conversation with Evie Meyer, Kathleen Bird probably wouldn't have found her way from Iowa to VFCC. And if she hadn't come to VFCC the young author wouldn't have met some of the biggest supporters of her greatest endeavor so far. 

By the second grade, Kathleen was already an avid reader and writer. But as she grew older, she began realizing that there weren't many books written for Christian girls, especially those girls who love princesses, princes and happily-ever-afters. Her junior high school English teacher encouraged her writing talent, which was just the affirmation Kathleen needed to publish her first book by the time she was a junior in college. 

Kathleen's book, Katherine's Kingdom: To Love in Peace, was published in March 2011. The book is a Christian fantasy fairytale set in a make believe world, and follows a princess on her journey to discover how much God loves her, "and that, because He loves her," Kathleen says, "she can have peace in difficult situations." 

With the support of family and friends, Kathleen held a book signing at her church this past summer, and another book signing at the College in the fall. 

Kathleen loves using her imagination to tell a story that someone else hasn't already told, and finds it a privilege to entertain people and remind them of God's truths. "I will probably spend the rest of my life writing, whether it's published or not. Writing for me is an escape - a way to be away from the craziness of the world. I want my readers to find that same escape - that peace, that safe place, to find out who God is to them. I want to help people rediscover the joy of reading." 

Kathleen is almost halfway through writing her second book. 

A Secondary English Education major, Kathleen will graduate in May 2013. She looks forward to a future of helping her students tell their stories, nurturing their creativity, and instilling confidence in their dreams. Someday she even plans to teach in India.