Blast From the Past Contest Winner

by Office of Marketing | Feb 19, 2013
Congratulations to Melissa Falk '96 - our winner of the $25 gift card for her entry in the "Blast From the Past" picture contest!
"Blast from the Past" is a feature in the Annual Report that mailed last fall. The picture above was published in this year's edition. Seeing this picture brought back some fond memories and we enjoyed reading the responses so very much. 

Falk's memories include a classroom experience with Gary Carter '98 (pictured, second from the left.) Her story is as follows:
I was in a preaching class with Gary. Professor Hall wanted us to experience preaching "lesser used" and "difficult" verses, so he had us each pull a piece of paper with a Bible verse out of a hat. Several weeks later when we preached on our passages we were to start our messages by reading the challenging passages that we were each given. 
Poor Gary had to read a very embarrassing passage from the Song of Solomon and then preach a message. I still remember what a great job he did, playing off of the Beatles tune, "Silly Little Love Song." It was only after the sermon finished that Professor Hall questioned Gary's use of this particular text, noting it was different than the one he had assigned. Gary produced the small slip of paper that he had pulled out of the hat and handed it to Dr. Hall who looked at it and shouted, "Oh no! I inverted the numbers - it's the wrong verse!! I'm so sorry!"
Professor Hall asked Gary why he didn't alert him to the odd verse and Gary said, "I did! But you told me we all had tough verses, so I'd better just hunker down and get it done!" We had a good laugh then and whenever I talk to Gary about our years at the Forge, that story comes up! Thanks for the memories!