VFCC Models Environmental Stewardship

by Office of Marketing | May 24, 2013
VFCC Models Environmental Stewardship
On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, the classrooms on the campus of Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) were uncharacteristically void of students. Faculty members exchanged professional attire for work clothes as the mission of VFCC was expressed through the 11th Annual Community Service Day.

Each spring, Valley Forge Christian College serves the local Phoenixville area through Community Service Day. This is an opportunity for students to give back and serve the needs of their communities.

The College once again demonstrated its enduring commitment to service as students, faculty and staff participated in the annual tradition of cleaning local roads and parks, light manual labor projects, and landscaping of senior citizens' lawns. "We look forward to this day all year long. We are blessed to provide these services to our community. We get as much, or more, from providing these services as the recipients do who receive them," said Rev. Jennifer Gale, Vice President of Student Life and the Community Service Day organizer.

VFCC students continue to impact their communities through special projects and making a difference in the world around them, and they continue their deep desire to be better caretakers of the natural resources God has blessed each and every one of them.

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