Alumnus Learns to Walk by Faith

by Office of Alumni and Parent Relations | Jun 25, 2013
When he was six years old, Beau Williamson ’08 confidently told his father that he was going to be a preacher someday. Twenty years later, that dream hasn’t died, and he has recently stepped out on the most faith-filled adventure of his life to fulfill a calling that only God can provide.

In high school, Williamson's desire to preach was fueled by his involvement in a ministry team that held power-packed evangelistic meetings at churches, planting the dream even more deeply into his heart. When he came to college, however, he struggled with what to do. He didn’t feel called to be a pastor or a missionary but he knew that he wanted to preach. Then, one man’s ministry description as an author, preacher and church resource-provider seemed to fit Williamson's heart and his calling suddenly seemed to make a little more sense.

After college, God first took Beau to be the youth pastor at Faith Assembly of God. “And when God takes you to a place called Faith Assembly,” Williamson said, “He just might test you in that very area. God definitely used those years in my first ministry position as a youth pastor to shake me and to strengthen my faith for what was ahead.”

Just one year ago, after several years at the church, God spoke to Williamson's heart that it would be his last year as a youth pastor. As he struggled with the practicalities of what to do next, his pastor asked him: “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?” 

“That’s easy,” Williamson said, “I’d travel and preach and write and provide resources for pastors.” 

“Well, why not?” his pastor asked. “If you’re going to take a risk like this, now’s the time.”

For months, Williamson prayed and fasted and asked others to do the same. He felt God say to him: “If you’re obedient and faithful to what I want you to say then I will make sure that you always have somewhere to go.”

Williamson set a date in October of 2012 that marked his last day as a youth pastor. “My first step just had to be getting out of the boat like Peter. There is a level of intimacy that you experience when you get out of the boat and rely on God to hold you up. And God has been faithful the whole way.”

Williamson has taken every opportunity since then to speak and teach as much as he can.  He’s also starting to write his first book and has begun creating a website. His dream is beginning to take shape and his adventure has only just begun.