Alumna Emphasizes Value of Christian Education

by Office of Marketing | Aug 27, 2013
Crystal Mascaro ’85 is no stranger to the world of Christian education. After receiving a B.A. in Christian Education from Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) she went on to work in the field for 28 years – from graduation until now. “Christian school has always been my passion,” said Mascaro, “and I’ve always been involved in Christian school.” That is why she has enjoyed the past seven years as an academic leader.

Mascaro is currently serving the body of Christ in Clearwater, Fla. as Administrator of Countryside Christian Academy – a preschool through 8th grade academy that also partners with Florida Virtual School for grades 9-12.

According to Mascaro, there is a major benefit to private Christian education with a biblical worldview. From God-centered elementary schools to Bible-based universities, students “will understand that God has a plan and purpose for their lives, as we can speak into their lives. That can’t happen in a public school.”

As a student of VFCC, she knows that it can be tempting to wish away the years of learning in order to dive right into a career. Mascaro believes that preparation is crucial for the pursuit of a career and knows that schools like VFCC offer a great way to acquire this preparation.

She explains, “One of the things that was really impressed upon me at VFCC was integrity," both through coursework and the example of professors. According to Mascaro, professional education requires a great deal of hard work, as it demands rigorous hours of preparation, instruction and evaluation; when one does not work with a sense of integrity and perseverance, a serious impact will not be made – something that first occurred to Mascaro as she prepared here at VFCC.

“It’s really important that students know where God is placing them. When God calls, He will prepare them...because of my classes at VFCC, I was well-prepared to work in either public or private education,” said Mascaro. She encourages current students to have a similar outlook on this season of education. Though God may be calling someone down a path, He often uses education to prepare them for the experience.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, Mascaro firmly believes that every career is one of ministry, whether it is a path in education, social work, English, psychology, music, digital media or business. As a leader and mentor, Mascaro continues to urge students to view their time in school as preparation for ministry in and through their place of work, whether they will be serving the Body of Christ or reaching those who are searching for Christ.