A Rehab Center Mission Field

by Office of Alumni & Parent Relations | Sep 27, 2013
Not much more than a month after graduating from Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) with a Bachelor of Science in psychology, Amanda Reich ’13 was hired at White Deer Run Treatment Center, an inpatient rehabilitation facility that offers “a broad range of alcohol rehabilitation programs and drug treatment options to individuals and their families struggling with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism.”

As a counselor at the center, Reich works on the Men’s Action Maintenance Unit, the relapse unit that provides treatment for 30 men. Her case load gives her the opportunity to meet regularly with 10 of those men, performing initial psychosocial assessments, setting up treatment plans and leading individual counseling sessions. She runs small groups four times every week and sometimes runs large group sessions with all 30 men present, discussing recovery-related themes such as self-esteem, resentment, shame and guilt. 

To Reich, this is not just a job; it’s also her mission field. “The men all know that I’m a Christian and that I’m open to talk about what I believe. Sometimes they ask about my diploma hanging on my office wall, or my VFCC jacket, and I get to tell them about my experience there. I take my Bible to the small group and they ask me questions about my faith.” Reich plays softball and volleyball with the men during their daily gym session, which allows them to relate to her in a different way because she played sports in college.

“It’s definitely an environment where you have to stay in the Word because it’s trying at times,” Reich admitted, “but it’s such a blessing to be in a position where I have an influence on men from all different backgrounds.” Eventually Reich hopes to work in a prison, so the experience that this job provides is invaluable.

Many times, the men call Reich after they’ve left the program to update her on how they’re doing. She knows that the relationships she’s developed with them in their time at the center are divine appointments and that God isn’t finished working on them yet.