First Graduate of Photography Presents Exhibit

by Office of Marketing | May 27, 2014
Autumn Granger
Autumn Granger has spent the last semester with her photography professors sorting through thousands of photographs, looking for the pieces that best represent the skills and techniques that she has worked so hard to develop. Granger will be the first student to graduate from the Digital Media – Photography program at VFCC.   

Her senior portfolio, which hung in Heritage Hallway from mid-April through graduation, exhibits the different types of photography that Granger is interested in pursuing. The collection is split into thirds: humanitarian photography from her internship with One Hope in India; portraiture; and freelance photography, which includes weddings and engagements. Though she has studied a wide spectrum of photographic art and gained a variety of experience shooting sports events, public speeches and concerts, the gallery showcases her perfected art.
Granger attributes the development of her skills to the rigorous training by her professors and the opportunity to work as a campus photographer. According to her, it is because individuals invested in her talent that she has become the artist she is today. Specifically, Granger referenced Assistant Digital Media Professor Kim Clark, who “has sacrificed a lot and put in much extra time to help me to obtain this degree.”
Upon graduation, Granger will return to Boston where she will be married this June. She hopes to begin seeking photography opportunities, especially those in freelancing and marketing, after her wedding. However, her ultimate pursuit is humanitarian photography. “I hope to take this time to rebrand my developing freelance business. My dream is to work with an organization, to be sent out to take images … that push for a change in the world.” Just as she hopes to do through her senior portfolio exhibit, Granger wants “to encourage people to go do something that makes a difference.”
Granger is thankful for the time that she spent learning in photography courses and applying that knowledge. “I’m really grateful that I took these four years to focus on what I want to do.” Now, she urges every student to do the same: “If you’re a digital media major, practice your digital media. If you want to be a photographer, practice photography. It takes time!”
VFCC, and the Marketing Office in particular, is deeply grateful to Granger for her devotion to her job as a photographer and her hard work, especially during chapel services, which she photographed each day. Digital Media Professor Lee Bilotta said that since arriving on campus four years ago, “Autumn has invested many hours honing her skills, and we congratulate her on this great achievement.” To see more images of Granger’s work, visit her website at