Cop Talk Series Led by UVF Professor

by Office of Marketing | Nov 28, 2014
Ken Lang
Beginning Jan. 13, 2015, assistant professor Ken Lang will host a monthly evening series titled Cop Talk. The crime investigation talk series is open to the public and free to anyone interested in crime investigation. Cop Talk will include topics such as identity theft, forensic arts and restorative justice. Lang, along with guest speakers, will offer this series at The Conference Center at Valley Forge. 

Lang joined the faculty at the University of Valley Forge (UVF) this fall. He is the program director for the new criminal justice program in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at UVF. The program is designed to prepare students for the challenges faced in the criminal justice profession. The program presents students with criminal justice theories, practices and applications. UVF is excited to have a faculty member with such extensive experience leading the criminal justice program.

Lang served as a law enforcement officer in Maryland for 25 years; 15 of which he spent investigating violent crimes including rapes, robberies and murders. One of his homicides investigations was featured on the Forensic Files show on the HLN cable network. He received many awards for his outstanding service and was recognized by civilians and respected government officials. Due to his work and commitment, Lang was invited to join the Consulting Committee of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC). The AISOCC is a non-profit professional organization that investigates cold cases. He also completed his master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 2013.

Related to his experience in police work, Lang is an accomplished author. In March 2011, Lang published his first true crime novel, “Walking Among the Dead”. Since then, Lang has published two other books resulting in a homicide series trilogy. Now, Lang is sharing his professional experience as a homicide detective in the classrooms at UVF and through the Cop Talk lecture series. 

Cop Talk will meet the second Tuesday of each month from Jan. 13, 2014 to May 12, 2015. Anyone interested in crime investigation is welcome, no matter their level of experience with fictional or real-life crime. 

For more information on the series schedule and to RSVP for the event, please visit